Mobile App Design Inspiration & Best Practices

Mobile App Design Inspiration & Best Practices
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Last Updated: March 07, 2023

Designing an app requires a lot of work.

Design plays a massive role in creating an app that stands out and makes an impact from the concept to the layout. But where do you find the inspiration to create something unique?

Don’t worry. You don't need to look further! We’ve listed app design ideas, layout suggestions, tips and creative inspiration to develop a standout design. Look around and start creating an app that users love!

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The Search for App Design Inspiration

App designing is an essential process. Designers, in collaboration with a mobile app development company, create and revamp designs to better showcase an app's features. These best Android and iOS app designs are proof of app developers' creative and innovative minds worldwide.

Regular design updates are understandable because the market is constantly changing, too. Mobile applications should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy to use.

But finding inspiration for creating unique designs can be difficult. With all these app designs competing against each other, it’s hard to know where to start.

We have written this article to guide you on what you must do and prepare for app design inspiration. We recognize app designers' hardships and want to help you make the process easier.

Factors to Consider in App Layout Ideas

Before introducing you to some of our cool ideas for app design, here are some factors you need to consider when looking for app layout ideas for your app design project.

1. User Intent

We create an app for the users, and it’s essential to consider their intent when designing it. What are they looking for? How can you offer them a better experience?

Considering their opinions can help you develop an app layout idea that meets their needs.

In addition, creating an app with the user intent in mind speaks volumes about how the company or the brand cares about its users. It is one way to ensure your app is purposefully designed.

2. Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is essential in creating an app design that stands out. Color, typography, and layout must be considered when deciding your app's look.

App designers must be imaginative in creating a unique design that appeals to users and sets them apart from other apps.

For example, a minimalist design with clean lines would be ideal if you want to create an app that focuses more on content. You can also add gradients, shadows and textures to make it look more attractive.

Visual appeal is a significant factor in making an app look and feel great. This is because users are much more likely to use an app that looks appealing and inviting.

Need more ideas? Check out our list of the best mobile and app website designs.

3. Simplicity

It’s easy to get carried away with designing an app, but you must ensure your design doesn’t become too complicated.

Simplicity is vital when it comes to app design. An app that looks cluttered will confuse the users and make them less likely to use it.

The layout should be easy to understand and navigate and easy on the eyes. This is why designers ensure their app designs are as straightforward as possible.

4. Uniqueness

Finally, we should consider making our app design stand out. This is where creativity and innovation come into play. You want to create an app design that is unique, interesting and attractive to users.

Dare to go outside the box and try unconventional ways to incorporate features or elements that set your app apart in the market.

These are some factors you should consider when looking for ideas for app design. With these ideas, developing creative and unique app designs that impress users will be easier.

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Common Mistakes in Looking for App Design Inspiration

Often, designers make mistakes when looking for app design inspiration. They tend to focus on other apps and forget the user’s intent, or they go overboard with their designs, making them too complicated.

Here are some of the most common mistakes in getting your app design inspiration:

1. Copying from Existing App Designs

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it means a lawsuit and tons of headaches in the real world. Thus, it is essential to remember that you should never copy someone else’s work.

Instead, take inspiration from existing designs and use it as a starting point for your unique design. It is also helpful to look at other apps for ideas on approaching the same problem differently.

We don't want to find ourselves in a legal battle just because of one wrong decision.

2. Not Paying Attention to User Intent

Remember that the user’s intent should always be your main focus when designing an app. The app will flop if you ignore the users' needs and wants.

Spend time understanding what users look for in an app and design accordingly. This will guarantee that your app offers an enjoyable and functional experience.

For example, a photo-sharing app should allow users to upload photos, create albums, share images with their network or edit media.

3. Going Overboard with Design Elements

Creating a visually appealing app design is essential but try to stay moderate. Too many design elements can make the app look cluttered and confusing.

If you want to incorporate design elements, keep them to a minimum. Use only the essential elements necessary for your app’s functionality. It's also best to be consistent with your brand image. When in doubt, refer to your brand guide!

4. Too Many Fonts and Colors

Fonts and colors are essential in making an app attractive but should be used sparingly. Too many fonts and colors can make the app look chaotic and disorganized.

It is easy to get carried away with the design and other visual aspects, as many possibilities are available. What you need to do is to hold your horses and be rational.

Think: would you use an app with 55 different fonts and all the rainbow colors on one screen? We don’t think so.

5. Not Testing Out the Design

Testing your app design before launching it in the market is essential. This helps you identify any issues that may arise and make changes accordingly.

Testing also allows you to get feedback from actual users, which can be invaluable in improving your app's design. Don't skip this step; it can make or break your app's success.

It also determines if the app design works well with different devices. This is important, especially if you’re targeting other platforms, such as mobile and desktop.

It is essential to remember user intent when looking for app design inspiration. Remember that the design should be creative, unique and intuitive to stand out from other apps.

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8 App Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Creation

Now that we have cleared all the bases in finding your app design inspiration, here are some cool ideas you might want to try for your app design projects.

Remember that these are inspirations and not the exact templates or designs you should copy. Feel free to experiment and modify them to fit your needs.

Medical Mobile App Design Inspiration

This mobile app design inspiration is perfect for medical apps that need to showcase vital information quickly.

The simple design and layout make navigating through the app accessible. The colors are perfect for their intent, bringing out the medical-related elements.

In addition, the app’s design is organized, clean and minimalistic. This will be a great idea to follow if you want to create an efficient medical app.

Like some of the best wellness and health fitness apps we have featured, this is a great app design idea for your medical or health app.

Banking App Design Inspiration

Banking apps tend to look severe and straightforward when it comes to design execution. This is important because finance and investments can be sensitive matters.

However, this banking app design inspiration puts a twist on the seriousness by using bright colors and playful fonts that fit the brand’s identity. This gives users a refreshing experience when interacting with the app.

One thing that differentiates this from the other existing app design ideas is that it supports dark mode settings. The colors also complement the dark mode setting, making it easier and more pleasant for the users.

You might also notice how the buttons are arranged in an organized and accessible way, with the crucial features being on top. This is essential to make navigation easier.

Smart Home App Design Inspiration

Smart homes are increasingly becoming popular, so it is essential for app designers to know how to craft a practical design. This intelligent home app design inspiration includes a clean, minimalist, modern look with subtle colors and big fonts.

The layout is also intuitively arranged, making it easier for users to find all the needed features. The app also has a well-thought-out navigation bar and menu that helps users quickly go from one page to another.

Checking the temperature and other app features are just a few taps away, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Finally, the colors used are subtle and inviting. This makes the app look more welcoming, allowing users to feel comfortable using it.

Real Estate App Design Inspiration

Real estate is fast becoming a booming industry, so it is essential for app designers to know how to design a great user experience. This real estate app design inspiration features bold fonts, vibrant colors and an easy-to-navigate interface.

Using bright colors and shapes makes the app more attractive and engaging. The search bar on top makes finding properties and other features easier, while the navigation menu helps users move between different app pages.

Finally, the design is also optimized for both landscape and portrait modes. This allows users to use the app in whichever orientation they prefer without compromising the user experience.

Car Assistant App Design Inspiration

This app design inspiration works for those who want a streamlined and sophisticated approach when designing tech apps.

The dark colors contrasting with the light elements give the app a luxurious look. Additionally, the icons are also carefully designed to be minimal and intuitive.

The layout is specifically designed for easy navigation and quick access to features. For example, all critical functions can be reached in just a few taps.

The overall design feels luxurious and efficient, two great things to have when designing the perfect app for your clients.

Music Streaming App Design Inspiration

Spotify is a prime example of excellent podcast streaming app design inspiration. This app is designed with a modern and attractive look, making it pleasing to the eyes.

The simple layout makes searching and navigating through the app quick. The designers also used subtle animations that helped give the app an exciting and lively feel.

The color palette complements the dark mode, which is excellent for users who prefer to conserve battery life.

App designers often need to remember that the battery life of their apps is an essential factor that can affect user experience. However, this app design inspiration makes sure to consider this.

Overall, this music streaming app design is inspiring and innovative, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for ideas on creating the perfect app for their users.

Travel App Design Inspiration

Apps offering a place to stay for travelers often capitalize on the beauty of the destination. That’s why this travel app design inspiration emphasizes a city’s unique environment through stunning visuals and typography.

The use of bright colors creates an inviting and exciting atmosphere, while the subtle animations add more life to the app. The layout is also easy-to-navigate, making it seamless and convenient.

Overall, this travel app design inspiration is an excellent example of how to create a beautiful yet functional app that can help travelers find their ultimate holiday spot.

Social Media App Design Inspiration

Each social media platform has a distinctive design, and this social media app design inspiration combines them all into one great-looking app.

Using bold fonts, contrasting colors and vibrant visuals helps create an eye-catching layout that will draw users in.

The grid format makes it easy to navigate the app while providing a great platform for creativity. This allows creatives to display their content in an engaging and modern way.

The app also includes features essential for any social media platform, such as a newsfeed, messaging capabilities and profile settings.

Overall, this social media app design inspiration is the perfect example of what you need for your app –– accessible and easy to use with a modern, stylish aesthetic.


Designing an app is a challenging feat. That's why app design inspirations are essential tools for anyone looking to create the perfect app.

It provides ideas on making your app more usable and aesthetically pleasing while considering factors such as battery life and locale.

Whether it's a streaming app, travel app, or social media platform, the key is to create something visually appealing and usable simultaneously. With these app design inspirations, achieving an excellent end product is now easier than ever!

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