Intel Classic Logo Design

Intel was founded by Robert Noyce and the man whom invented Moore’s Law, Gordon Moore. With a market cap of $170.3 billion, Intel is a leviathan in the world of technology.

Intel engages in the design, manufacture, and sales of computer products and technologies. It’s a behemoth. With a market cap of $170.3 billion, Intel is the world’s second largest and second highest valued maker of semiconductor chips.

The original logo was created by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore—featuring a dropped “e” letter.

2005. Intel’s portfolio of sub-brands has grown immensely. They decide to create an entirely new logo and rebrand the company to better position itself on capturing more business opportunities.

FutureBrand agency is chosen to spearhead the effort.

“Thrilling Leaps that Create the New Normal.” The tagline that laid the foundation for a new visual system that catalyzed the company’s legacy while luminating the product concentrated “intel inside” swoosh.

The logo has three distinct features. The intel font, an elliptical swoosh, and a blue colored square background

The word “intel” is wrapped in an elliptical swirl. This serves as a visual reminder that intel semiconductors lay inside and power millions of computer devices across the globe. It acts as a visual que for the company’s famous tagline printed on its computer chips: Intel inside.

The brand logo became modernized and gifted intel with a Masterbrand identity. It’s character displays a futurist philosophy—ready to tackle all technical innovation and new technology in the coming future.

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Intel Symbol Design

The swirl is smooth and sleek and blue.

The use of blue in this logo communicates trustworthiness — a trait that must be taken seriously, for the computer chip that powers hundreds of millions of devices.

The intel logo font closely resembles Standard CT Bold.

Forward driven. Catalytic. Fascinating attributes of the next generation.

Intel Logo Design

This logo communicates years of innovation and the semiconductors that power devices that allow humans to utilize new research in science, medicine, and technology, to push humans to new frontiers and discovery.

It is one of the best logos in the world.

Intel is a classic logo design in the Manufacturing and Technology industries.

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