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Microsoft’s Logo Design Wows In Its Simplicity And Sophistication

We all know who Microsoft is because their software dominates the majority of computers on planet Earth. Worth half a trillion dollars — yes, half a trillion dollars — Microsoft is no. 19 on the Forbes list and the world’s third most valuable brand.

This infamous brand was launched in 1975 by founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen. This iconic tech company is headquartered now in Redmond, Washington, but its roots trace back to New Mexico.

What started as a project to create and sell BASIC interpreters turned into an endeavor to dominate personal computer operating systems. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person that hasn’t interacted with Microsoft software, and who hasn’t heard the Microsoft name.

The name Microsoft has always been iconic and recognizable, as has the software this brand promotes. But another iconic feature of this company has been its logo.

You probably remember the old logo — a flag-like design made up of a variety of colors and fading, adding depth like it was moving. It might have been one of the first things you saw when you turned on your old desktop computer.

But the company changed its logo in 2012 — the first time in 25 years. 2012 marked the year that Microsoft released new versions of the majority of its products. As a result, the brand needed a refreshed design and identity to match the modern offerings.

A new logo was needed to unveil the dawn of a new beginning.

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Microsoft’s Logo Comprises Two Powerful Components

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this new, refreshed Microsoft logo. The company, quite literally, ditched the old in favor of the new. And this new design certainly speaks to a new dawn and a new day.

There are two components to the logo: the logotype and the symbol. Both are new, simple and sophisticated. This updated logo is minimalist and the two components are powerful and sleek.

The symbol represents the iconic Microsoft Windows operating system, used by more than one billion people across the globe. The logotype is Segoe font, which is used in all of their products as well. The squares of colors in the symbol signify the diverse portfolio of Microsoft products. They also represent strength, simplicity, and boldness.

These colors are familiar, but they’ve been given a facelift. Gone is the image of a flag, and the pixelated black dotting. The new design stands strong all on its own.

Microsoft had to revamp their logo to communicate the brand’s new thinking and new products. The logo reminds the world of the drastic change in the ways customers interact with touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets compared to 15 years ago.

The new logo has a personality and authenticity. You already trust Microsoft. You already trust their products. But now, this logo tells you that they trust themselves as well. They know what they’re doing and they do it right.

With simple, bold and modern typography, this effective wordmark stands strong and resolute. It exemplifies dignity, respect and sophistication. There are history and legacy in the typography that stands tall and proud.

The multicolored design is equally impactful. The colors are bright and eye-catching. The shape is modern and elegant. This is definitely a colorful design that can hold its own. It's reminiscent of the older logo but with a clean and futuristic twist.

The beautiful logotype and modern window symbol catapult Microsoft forward into a new era of global technological innovation, experiences, and dominance. This design truly did change the brand as a whole, giving it a new look and feel while still holding the same authenticity and integrity it always had.

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The Microsoft Logo Is Timeless And Modern

Microsoft makes a profound statement with its redesigned logo. It’s strong, sleek and minimal. It’s modern, colorful and powerful.

The typography is iconic and impactful. This black, sans-serif font is gorgeous, techy and minimal. It’s the perfect choice for a brand that is known for their ingenuity in technology, software and innovation. And the fact that this font is mirrored across all branded products and materials shows consistency.

The grid-like multicolored design that sits on the front of this design is also extremely eye-catching. It walks the fine line between the old legacy and modern trends. This colorful icon can’t be ignored, and it brings back good memories of logging onto your computer as a child and making sure no one in your family was already using the phone.

This logo design integrates modern, minimal and attention-grabbing elements to create a symbol that will continue to hold meaning years into the future.

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