Unbundled Typographic Logo Design

Unbundled is a creative company specializing in high-quality, strategic and creative expertise.

The logo font is Poppins Bold, which is a custom sans serif Google font created by the Indian Type Foundry out of Ahmedabad, India.

Poppins originates from the geometric sans serif typefaces that originated during the 1920s, when Central European type foundries joined modernists movements in art and design. This is a typeface that puts an internationalist spin on the geometric sans typefaces.

The Poppins font is the stand out feature in this logo. This font makes the logo memorable, readable, and clear. Unbundled now retains a modern and sophisticated vibe.

The logo is lower case and this gives it a very friendly and approachable feel. It is gentle and serene. Unbundled provides companies with branding and creative expertise, so customer service requires a gentle touch.


Unbundled Clean Logo Design

The subheading is in light grey and subtle to give more emphasis to the company’s core focus. This is wonderful because it provides the logo with a unified creative agency theme.

Successful logo designs are simple and clear. Unbundled could not illustrate this concept any better, as the logo is friendly, gentle, and sophisticated.

Unbundled Logo Design

Unbundled is a typographic logo design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.