Gawatt Unique Packaging Design

The goal of Backbone branding was to convey this message throughout the packaging design. Unique symbols of steam engine components plaster the half brown half white coffee cups.

When users are holding this cup, they are holding a substance that will keep their machine running smoothly and more efficiently.

A tune up in a cup of coffee.

Gawatt Simple Packaging Design

Brown rustic colored bags reveal the circular Gawatt signature logo with coffee beans pouring into a steam punk latte cup.

This combination gives off an authentic and original feeling that captures the spirit of the brand.

Gawatt Clean Packaging Design

Multi colored drinks are observed with corresponding color matching fruit beneath them. Gawatt used only the freshest and healthiest ingredients to engineer the purest refined beverages.

There are no preservatives here.

Gawatt Unique Packaging Design

A man holding a piece of chalk draws steam engine components and words like “organic” and “microwatt” as if he is another era.

Perhaps the year 1781, where chalk and blackboard were used by James Watt to unravel the blueprint for his patented invention of the steam engine.

This is simplistic and extremely clear messaging that will translate authenticity to consumer attention.

What coffeeshop displays these engine parts and unique wording? Gawatt does.

Gawatt Packaging Design

An old-style cap, silver aluminum coffee thermos, brown rugged leather strap watch, and magnifying glass transport us to an era where life was much simpler.

In the days of James Watt, we used our hands to grasp pencils to write things down. Not smartphones.

We used pocket notebooks to view maps and magnifying glasses to discover hidden messages. There were no social media notifications or digital reminders.

There was what lay in front of you. A sandwich and a cup of coffee and the peaceful silence that gave people the peace needed to perhaps think of inventing the steam engine.

Backbone captured this perfectly. 

Gawatt is a unique package design in the Distribution and Food & Beverage industries.