Beau Cacao (slide 1)

Sleek, elegant, tasteful.

Those are the feelings behind Beau Cacao’s chocolate bar packaging. Beau Cacao combines inlaid geometric maze designs with brilliant paper coloring to draw the chocolatier’s eye to their product over all other chocolate packaging. With a shocking color scheme and a brilliant glow, Beau Cacao ensures that their product will not be ignored.

Beau Cacao (slide 2)

The complementary coloring of corals with gold creates a graceful and clean appearance for the chocolate company. The all-caps typeface inlaid in a diamond plate of gold that depicts the product name of “Beau Cacao” is accented with a cacao plant logo, bringing a natural feel to a wonderfully delicious product.

On the back side of each package, chocolatiers will find everything they want to know about their selected candy product. Embossed golden font lays out the internal nutrition facts, and it also uses simplified imagery to show off the main ingredients used in each chocolate bar. Chocolatiers will find what year their chocolate bar was made and what harvest it was part of before production. Additionally, consumers will find information on how to store the Beau Cacao bar to keep the delectable chocolate at its optimal deliciousness—all in the extravagantly vibrant gold typography, of course.

Beau Cacao (slide 3)

Find the way to something seductively sweet by indulging in one of two tasteful combinations created by Beau Cacao. Gold and bright yellow packaging smartly represents silky smooth caramel flavorings, while coral with gold brilliantly combines sandalwood and paprika. The chosen colors were selected smartly, aiming to represent the various ingredients added to the chocolate bar to give them their optimal flavor.

Beau Cacao (slide 4)

With chocolate bars so beautifully designed, Beau Cacao’s masterpieces deserve to be presented — not just packaged. Continuing the exquisite design within the inside of their packaging, Beau Cacao delicately wraps each bar of chocolate in a sheet of solid gold. The choice in doing so allows consumers to feel luxurious and lavish as they unwrap their chocolate bar. Beau Cacao makes it feel as if you’re truly treating yourself to something absolutely special every time you indulge in one of their decadent, decorated chocolate bars.

Beau Cacao is a beautiful packaging design in the Food & Beverage and Luxury industries.