Otard Stunning Packaging Design

Cognac is one of the finest, most luxurious liquors, and the Otard brand is no exception. However, standing out among other luxury cognac brands—many of which have a more recognizable name—is not an easy feat. In order to capture the interest of cognac buyers, Otard created a bottle and a packaging design that demand attention.

Otard Vintage Packaging Design

The bottles immediately show off the luxury of Otard. By using masculine designs and colors combined with real gold leaf, Otard sets itself apart simply through their design. However, a bottle is only one part of a great cognac. The presentation of the container is also important.

Otard Elegant Packaging Design

Each bottle design has it’s own unique cabinet-style box. The box layout is clean and elegant. A single color is accented by gold to maintain the feeling of the bottle sitting inside.

Otard Packaging Design

Opening the packaging reveals a magnificent presentation of the product. The bottle sits on display like an exhibit at an art museum. The drawers are functional and slide out to reveal the brand’s logo—gold on black.

Drinking luxury cognac is only one part of the grand experience. Otard set their brand apart from the rest, using stunning packaging design that shows off the level of detail and care that goes into their product. This cognac isn’t something you casually pick up at the store; it’s an experience that’s meant to be enjoyed before the bottle is even open.

Otard is a classic packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.