Pasote Tequila (slide 1)

Swug Studio was tasked with giving Pasote Tequila a modern packaging design that stays true to the roots of traditional Mexican tequila manufacturing and culture. The result is a tequila brand with its own unique identity that you can see clearly displayed on their bottles.

The bottle design is consistent across the various types of tequila Pasote offers. The label color is the only major differentiator. However, look closer at the traditional characters on each bottle, and you will notice that each is slightly different from the last. The white design stands out clearly against the bottle, and it almost looks like it has been sandblasted onto the container.

Pasote Tequila (slide 2)

Pasote Tequila uses a traditional-style text that has a stencil-like feel to it. The bold, white text perfectly stands out among all the design elements, and it even adds to the traditional feel of the format.

Pasote Tequila (slide 3)

The same color scheme found on the neck labels is used on the boxes that hold each bottle. The larger package design is very clean and simple, utilizing the same design elements that you witness on the bottles. Every detail pops from the colored background of the boxes, creating a very inviting look.

The use of color and traditional Mexican design is a nice way of differentiating each variety of tequila, while still keeping a consistent brand identity throughout. Pasote Tequila manages to utilize traditional designs without seeming contrived. The design lends a real authenticity to the brand. But enough talking… Who wants a drink?

Pasote Tequila is a stunning packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.