Waterdrop Package Design

The simplicity of water is reflected in this stunning, eye-catching design for Waterdrop. KVELL worked on the packaging design for the world’s first microdrink. Waterdrop is a compressed cube of flavoring and vitamins that can be dropped into a glass of water.

People who are concerned about their health won’t want to add unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients to their water. People who are not concerned about their health probably won’t be customers of Waterdrop - they will drink soda instead. So, Waterdrop had the difficult task of making their product appear to be as simple as the water it’s being added to.

Waterdrop Awesome Package Design

The clean white packaging is accented with bright colors that relate to the flavors of Waterdrop. The simple packaging makes you feel as though you are making a healthy choice without any explicit statements about health benefits. The packaging is almost reminiscent of a luxury product like a new MacBook or other tech product. After all, this is a modern way to enjoy water so it should appear to be modern as well.

The rounded edges of the packaging make Waterdrops appear sleek. People who want to consume more water and vitamins are obviously health conscious and the rounded, sleek design of Waterdrop’s packaging should appeal to people who want to achieve or maintain a sleek look for themselves.

Clean and colorful. It’s a simple strategy but an effective one for Waterdrop, the world’s first micro drink. The packaging, simply through its appearance, makes you feel like Waterdrop delivers big, bold taste in a small, single drop.

Waterdrop is an awesome package design in the Food & Beverage industry.