Aishti Dark Print Design

Aishti is a lebanese luxury department chain store which sells fashion and clothing. The globally recognized chain carries renowned luxury brands and aims to create a lifestyle for the new millennium. New York City based creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh created the print design for the company, keeping in mind its brand identity and persona.

Aishti Cool Print Design

The print design of the luxury chain store is on a very minimal and simplistic mustard colored box. It evokes a luxurious, elegant, and classic vibe, keeping with the brand persona. The brand name and logo is printed in bold black lettering on the box, ensuring that it catches attention, yet not making the design cluttered or chaotic. Space is used effectively, and the dark black shade provides an excellent contrast to the mustard shade of the box. The colors also complement each other nicely, providing a visually very appealing effect.

Aishti Print Design

A fun element is also added to the print design by printing a graphic illustration of the object contained inside the box on the lid. For boxes that contain shoes, there is a fun and elegant black illustrated design of a shoe, and similarly, for a box that has a dress, there is a printed dress shape on the lid. This also adds utility, as it makes it easier to distinguish which box contains which particular item.

These images are all in the same black shade as the one used in Aishti’s logo, ensuring that there is focus on both the logo as well as the graphics. It also ties the design together very well, ensuring a symbiotic and united vibe to the design.

Overall, the Aishti print design evokes a luxe, chic, and elegant feel. The color combination used ensure that the print design is eye-catching and attractive. Shape and space has been used very well, so that the print design is well-balanced and aligned.

Aishti is a dark print design in the E-commerce & Retail and Luxury industries.