Gong Vo Branding Modern Print Design

With over 194 species, the Drosera is the largest genera of carnivorous plant in the world. The leaky leaf surfaces of the Drosera, or sundews, lures, captures, and digests insects. Startling. The horror I just described also stems from a plant of pure beauty.

The following best print design was inspired directly by the Drosera, and designed by Vietnamese designer Tran Linh Tam for Gong Vo -- a local notebook company.

Notebooks that capture words like the carnivorous plant captures its next insect. Who would have thought? Brilliant.

Gong Vo Branding Beautiful Print Design

The notebook logo follows the look of the Drosera’s flowing tentacle stems via the lowercase styling of the “g” letters. The bottom of these letters swoops around and down.

The “vo” letter combination highlights a finishing touch to the overall theme, with three red circles that complete the aesthetic like cherries atop a mouthwatering chocolate fudge covered ice cream Sunday.

Gong Vo Branding Great Print Design

The notebook styling continues a themed color combination of red and white and navy blue and black. The colors give off a sense of radiance.

Gong Vo Branding Modern Branding

The package is shown with an array of gifts, including a stapler, a set of business cards, a stamp tool, an ink blot and an envelope. This is a notebook print design package akin to traditional penmanship.

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Gong Vo Branding Elegant Print Design

The golf leaf-like design with flowing lines courts the rustic black envelope holder like a first date. Elegance emits from the golden embossed Gong Vo logo in the lower left corner.

The design atop is elaborate and intricate, ensuring it is a sophisticated and patient print design.

Gong Vo Branding Print Design

A white notebook features a contrasting color scheme, with a black -- not gold -- intricate flower design. The red logo sparks from the absence of light, while the black page marker holds everything in place.

This is not merely print design speculation, this is a statement. A statement to capture statements. A statement to rule all other statements, for it is now the person with the pen that has the power to move mountains with the writing materials provided by Gong Vo.

The best print designs exhibit patience, like the Drosera plant when it waits for prey. They are not rushed. They do not try too hard. They are simple. They remind us that less is more. They use the space they occupy in an efficient manner. Every feature, whether it be the black and gold color scheme with intricate design, or the long flowy carnivorous stems that prey on pests, has a purpose.

This is form and function. The passage of what could be to what is. An enlightening look into a marveling mega plant personified by a designer with an imagination as shocking as a plant that eats insects.

Gong Vo Branding is a modern print design in the Arts & Recreation industry

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