Hirect Print Design

Hirect Print Designs Transcend Your Typical Billboard Ads – They Are Transparent in More Ways Than One

Whether you were driving or commuting to work during the rush hour around the Bay Area earlier in 2022, you couldn’t have missed Hirect’s ingenious ads – a more than 500 placement out-of-home (OOH) campaign meandering along the legendary US Route 101.

But what is Hirect exactly?

One look at any of their ads tells you everything you need to know. Hirect print design doesn’t leave much to be desired but let’s extrapolate, just in case:

Hirect is a free, mobile, chat-based hiring app that allows startup founders/execs/hiring managers/talent hunters and job seekers to instantly connect through in-app direct messaging and video call features – fostering replies and potential interviews in literal minutes.

No matter how convenient and exciting these features are, this was a mouthful. Fortunately, true to their mission, Hirect connected with the best possible graphic designers out there and produced a slew of brilliant print ads that hammer its goal and benefits into the onlookers' collective psyche.

Together with the aptly named Division of Labor creative advertising agency, they made sure you can’t move anywhere in San Francisco without seeing “Hirect”.

The campaign, believed to be the largest in Bay Area history, encompasses every print material imaginable: billboards, transit shelters, news racks, bus placements and more.

Hirect's candid messaging

Provocative Signage Effectively Cuts Through the Noise, Throwing the Sanctimonious Language of the Business World Down the Drain

If we are to judge Hirect print design removed from the company’s ultimate goal, focused solely on the visual aspect we’d say that it is a well-made, simplistic and streamlined print ad, with a nice on-brand color scheme and that it’s legible from a distance. Not much going on there, right?

Wrong! Hirect print design is a prime example of how direct, frank messaging can skyrocket your marketing efforts and blow the competition out of your way.

We’ve all been there, at one point or another. For founders, small businesses and startup owners, the frustration with current hiring, recruiting and onboarding processes is all too real and continues to grow. On the other side, job seekers, even the highly qualified ones, quit in the middle of said processes because of their complexity, be it endless email exchange, tests, drawn-out job interviews, or internal HR departments’ time-consuming incompetence.

In fact, competition for top talent, the literal lifeblood of startups is dominated by those with big-budget and well-established brand recognition.

Fortunately, the solution for both parties (in this case) is now clearly visible outside their windshields or bus windows.

Trendy, concurrent signage

Hirect Print Design Relies on a Meme-Like Visual Template, Established Trends and Newsworthy Personas to Draw Attention

In advertising, opting for a trendy approach and concurrent challenges brings its own set of risks, as you’re knowingly sailing into unpredictable waters of relevancy. One day you’re the talk of the town and on another, your message falls to deaf ears, as nobody “gets the joke” anymore.

This is especially true today when trends and hashtags switch in a matter of days.

However, Hirect knew exactly where to put its flag(s). The need for top-rated talent isn’t going anywhere any time soon, that’s for sure, but infusing the ads with a humorous undertone is what makes Hirect print design so memorable.

For example, when “speaking” to employers Hirect manages to tell a rich story with only five words: “Elon would have used Hirect.”

The second part of this sentence is instantly formed in your head: “Only if he had known” or “Only if it existed back then.”

By adding one of the most renowned innovators, business magnates and investors in the world to the mix Hirect instantly becomes more recognizable (especially after Musk’s recent Twitter acquisition). Moreover, by implying his undisputed success would be even greater with their services, instantly sets Hirect as a go-to platform for any business owner aspiring to grow.

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Hirect's beacon over San Francisco's landscape

Hirect’s Messaging Shines Like a Beacon in a Forthright Print Design

Hirect’s OOH campaign stands on two seemingly opposing principles – cutting through the noise with minimalism. One might say that’s exactly the “division” aspect of the Division of Labor’s efforts.

The agency managed to trigger reactions of anyone who sees these print designs through the so-called “Less is more” approach. They steered clear of fancy visuals, rich color palettes or evocative imagery. The tagline, or rather, many taglines were enough to deliver a memorable message.

A simplistic approach, however, doesn’t mean there’s a lack of variety, as the agency delivered several distinct ads (opposite color combinations) that spell out the main message.

Breaking the conventions

Hirect Print Design Stamps the Brand's Logo as a Distinctive Marking for both Creative Advertising and Astute Professional Service 

Recognized for its innovative approach, Hirect is yet to make its inevitable impact on the ever-expanding talent market.

However, their bluff-free approach, self-confidence and assertiveness, demonstrated by these creative ads, already mark Hirect as a major player in the industry.

For that reason, Hirect's logo is the only noticeable branding element across every single billboard and/or stationary.

It stands out without hogging all the attention. Quite the contrary. In fact, it adds relevance to the overall message of the Hirect print design, which demonstrates the level of subtlety justifiably laureled with our Best Design Award.

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