Sankéo Illustrations

Graphéine was tasked with creating a new identity for the public transport network of Perpignan Métropole. The first step was to redefine the name and slogan, with the old acronym CTPM becoming "Sankéo," which is a nod to the inhabitants of French Catalonia, meaning “blood and gold.”

The main objective of the redesigns was to ensure that the historical significance wasn’t lost amongst the ambition to create a new image geared towards the younger, and future, generations. To ensure this was the case, the traditional elements like the stripes from the Catalan coat of arms were embedded into the graphics.

Sankéo Illustrated Print Design

The redesign was promoted through both online and offline channels. Online, the transport network set up a viral game on Facebook and used YouTube as a means of promoting the brand to the younger audience. Offline, the new brand identity was deployed across all regular bus lines, new hybrid buses and other applications such as bus stops, subscription cards or passenger information carriers (bus guides, maps, etc.).

Sankéo Colorful Print Design

The colorful graphics were designed using a selection of iconsthat are representative of the region and the travel industry — for example, animals, maps, travel accessories, etc. They are brought to life by the four-color palette consisting of shades of yellow, blue, purple, and red. Separately, these colors don’t actually seem to stand out that much, but when used together they have a strong voice and vibrancy.

Sankéo Print Design

These icons are placed alongside images of the people from the region, which adds a very hospitable feel to the designs and an element of ownership to the people of Perpignan. The "Sankéo" logo itself is painted in a curious blue shade, which features prominently throughout the designs, both as a primary and a background color.

Overall, at first glance, the print designs are visually focused towards the younger generation, but upon investigation the reasoning and details it’s clear that the main objective of retaining the historical themes of the region has been achieved.

Sankéo is an illustrated print design in the Advertising and Travel industries.