Lumojo Great Print Design

Who said honey can’t be sexy? Alt Group worked with Lumojo Honey to create a lookbook that shows off what sets a luxury honey apart from the plastic bottles you see at the grocery store.

Lumojo Clean Print Design

The Lumojo lookbook relies heavily on stunning photography to create a feeling of luxury. Photos take up an entire spread, with a white space saved for text. The typography is small, so as not to draw the eye away from the beautiful photos.

Lumojo Elegant Print Design

The photos use the rule of thirds very well to put the focal points on the outside of the image, allowing the viewer’s eye to work its way inward toward the text.

Lumojo Print Design

Different foods are shown to display the various things that can be done with Lumojo Honey aside from just spreading it on a piece of toast. Although, the classics are sometimes the best.

The Lumojo Honey lookbook almost makes you feel like your kitchen and your dishes can look this amazing if you just choose the right brand of honey. The quality of this lookbook rivals that of major luxury furniture retailers, and people will immediately notice that Lumojo Honey isn’t just like every other brand of honey.

Lumojo is a great print design in the Food & Beverage industry.