Mr. Marcel School Cool Print Design

Mr. Marcel School is a graphic design and art school dedicated to teaching new techniques and methods for students to fulfill their digital artistic potential.

The learning system challenges students to be investigative to identify new creative solutions.

Students learn new techniques in User Interface and User Experience design. They become masters of Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, Javascript, and Wordpress.

Mr. Marcel School Great Print Design

Tata&Friends was chosen to tackle a new identity and branding challenge for Mr. Marcel School.

A light blue and green background feature hands in a black and white gradient filter.

Artists naturally use their hands. At times, it is difficult for potential students to envision applying their craft to computer applications.

Tata&Friends brilliantly symbolizes a student using their hands to move and alter a design on a computer.

The teaching methods are a hands-on approach.

Mr. Marcel School Contemporary Print Design

The modular identity is displayed in four different backgrounds of green, brown, turquoise, and purple.

Each color shows a different hand position and learning concept.

This represents the student using a different tool and program to solve creative problems in an innovative and refreshing way.

Mr. Marcel School Trendy Print Design

Before taking the course, students would not know how to actively use the tools of HTML.

They would be challenged to fully harness the power of Adobe Illustrator.

Now they can actually grasp the concepts. It is a wonderful metaphor.

They can pinch them or point to them and though they are using a mouse, it is akin to students having the concepts in their hands.

Mr. Marcel School Print Design

Tata&Friends used real human hands to uniquely convey the benefits of Mr. Marcel School's education offerings.

It is clear and straight to the point. Here is what you can learn. And here is how you can apply it.

You can imagine a potential student viewing these prints and saying "I want to learn to use these tools."

Do not just imagine learning new knowledge.

Grasp it.

Mr. Marcel School is a cool print design in the Education industry.