The United Way x Pantone Print Design

The United Way x Pantone Print Design Highlights the Vibrancy of Art Movements Through Impactful Illustrations

Designed by Alexis Bronstorph, the United Way x Pantone print design presents an artistic and thoughtful approach to highlighting societal issues.

This partnership stands out in the charity sector for its creative and multifaceted method of addressing underrepresented social challenges. It features a custom and vibrant color developed with Pantone, specifically chosen to capture attention and bring these issues to the forefront.

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The stunning illustrations by renowned artist Malika Favre showcase styles like Pop Art, Minimalism, Op Art, and Modernism.

Additionally, the color palette features a warm orange that radiates enthusiasm, while black and white adds sophistication and simplicity. This color combination is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It also strategically evokes specific emotions and thoughts, highlighting several societal issues.

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Signature layout

The Iconic Pantone Layout Establishes the Brand Recognition for The United Way x Pantone's Print Design

The United Way x Pantone print design catches your eye by playing on something familiar: the classic Pantone layout.

Adding a layer of playfulness, the agency placed the project name in the same corner where you'd usually find the Pantone color codes. The design instantly catches one's attention by tapping into this familiar style. It's like seeing an old friend in a new place, and you instantly connect.

This clever twist on the Pantone layout does more than look good; it also makes The United Way's mission stick in people's minds and keeps them thinking about it.

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Evocative illustrations

The United Way x Pantone Print Design Delivers a Striking Message Through the Double Silhouette Imagery

The United Way x Pantone print design features a particularly striking piece: a woman's silhouette with her hair artistically forming a second silhouette through negative space. This powerful image has been expanded into a billboard format, enhancing the visibility of the project and the charity. (Look at some of the best billboard print designs to inspire your next project.)

Using a silhouette in design often carries layers of meaning, as it can express elegance and mystery. Its minimalism draws the viewer's attention to the subject's essence.

In this context, the silhouette of the woman's hair also looks like another figure shouting at the woman, representing one of the issues that The United Way seeks to bring to the forefront. The design is a visual metaphor for the charity's mission: to uncover and address the hidden problems within our society, making the invisible visible, and the ignored unignorable.

Artsy and impactful

The United Way x Pantone Print Design Sets an Example for Artistic Print Materials Without Losing the Message

The United Way x Pantone print design exemplifies how skilled graphic designers seamlessly merge artistic expression and messaging to create a powerful narrative.

It combines the familiarity of Pantone's branding with vivid illustrations that encapsulate significant art movements, featuring a color palette that carries a deep psychological impact.

The innovative use of double silhouettes adds layers of meaning and perfectly aligns with the charity's mission.

Overall, these elements render the design visually striking and rich in symbolism, making it deserving of a Best Designs Award.

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