Adobe - Security Overview

Adobe is one of the leading companies in digital design around the world. From Photoshop to InDesign, the Creative Cloud processes huge amounts of data every day, and Adobe wants its users to know that their data is secure. This two minute video gives a very aesthetically pleasing overview of how they handle data security.

The Adobe Creative Cloud logo opens the video, a bold red square in center screen with a light gray background. The camera zooms in on the square, and it bursts apart to transition to the next scene, a digital assembly line of flowing data across multiple lines. The assembly lines are what appears to e a 3D depiction of a stylized mainframe, and the flowing data are depicted as boxes with Adobe product logos on the faces. Corrupted data and security threats are shown as boxes with a biohazard symbol on the face.

All of these data boxes flow along the mainframe lines, leading to a security hub, and upon entering the hub go through a scanning process. Good data are sent on their way, bad data are moved aside.

The video is narrated with a strong, female voice, and a very quiet background music is steady and upbeat.

For the less tech-savvy viewers, the narration will make little sense, and will they can simply understand the basic message of the video through the visuals: Adobe’s process keeps good processes in and bad processes out. The more tech-savvy will understand the computer jargon and be able to follow along as the narration complements the visuals.

After a moment of establishing the security hub that filters the flowing data, this hub is transformed into a visual display of what goes on inside, mimicking the assembly flow style of the mainframe outside it. We see cubes of data being filtered along the hub’s rectangular 3D shape, and when a hazardous data cube passes through the filter, it is picked apart and transformed into a clean, green instance. The camera zooms out from the security hub to briefly show the mainframe assembly line, and then finally ends where it began on the red Creative Cloud logo. After viewing, Adobe users will feel safe that their data is secure.

Adobe - Security Overview is a colorful animation video.