Modivo’s Video Design Takes You on a Trippy Adventure Through Abstract, Dream-Like Visuals

Modivo’s Commercial Video Feels Almost Psychedelic With Silky Smooth Transitions

If you're looking for a casual fashion brand that steers away from dull and unoriginal commercials that play it safe, you've come to the right place. The Modivo video design by PAPAYA FILMS shows why the agency is one of the best video production companies today.

Daring and endlessly entertaining, this commercial video effortlessly makes it to our roster of the best video designs. The video starts by introducing the protagonist: a model with colorful clothes standing out from the grayness of a uniformed crowd.

We get a close-up of her face and witness the fall of a single tear that translates into a shiny, sparkly waterfall. As the camera zooms in on the teardrop, the viewers are taken into her own stylish world.

This is only the first of a series of silky-smooth transitions with surrealistic visuals, opening her curious, introspective journey toward exploring her unique style with Modivo.

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Modivo’s Video Design Features Non-Stop Action That Constructs a Compelling “Dare To Be Yourself” Narrative

The model's imaginative journey is supported by an upbeat tune that elevates the video and provokes her to dive deeper into this fictitious world. We see her stand up straight with her head above the clouds (literally) as she catches the plane flying toward her, again symbolizing that breaking the rules is needed to find your authenticity.

Further into the video, she peeks through the plane's windows and transitions into her walking down the aisle with seats filled with passengers' legs upside down.

A smiling flight attendant provides her with stylish sunglasses that strikingly alter her (and the viewer's) vision, as we're now set in front of a lush purple tree from which she courageously picks the fruit.

As a result, she's now in the desert, joined by a crowd, roaming the barren desert until they reach a large statue in the sea.

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Modivo’s Video Design Tells a Story of Two Worlds With Stunning Visuals

Opting for something different and memorable, PAPAYA FILMS created two contrasting realities, each evoking strong emotions.

We first witness the dullness of the modern and digitalized urban area where uniformed crowds act as programmed units, with each person hypnotized by the screen on their phone. The gray architecture feels industrial, needing more originality and fashionable expression.

However, the model’s teardrop connects these strikingly different worlds. In fact, the fall of the tear opens the gate to borderless exploration, a world filled with bright colors, style, fashion, and attitude.

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Once inside, we see the model encouraged to look around and dare to break the rules to explore her surroundings. She constantly reinvents herself through vivid experiences resembling Alice in Wonderland's colorful adventures.

Regardless of her unorthodox journey, her resolve is unquestionable as she continues diving deeper into the world of fashion, bringing her closer to finding pleasure in her appearance and others like her.

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Overall, the Modivo video design represents a courageous take where PAPAYA FILMS showcased their innate talent for keeping the audience's attention through impeccable transitions and thoughtful compositions.

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