The New Vimeo Player (You Know, For Videos)

Vimeo is a video-sharing website that has given other platforms a run for their money. The company makes an attempt to collaborate with users to produce high-quality images that allow them to create shorts or internet productions. Occasionally, the company uses their own website to promote their products and keep their members informed about upcoming changes.

The New Vimeo Player video is an example of how the company markets its brand. It includes high-quality, three-dimensional graphics and personalizes the video by involving staff members at their headquarters. Its soundtrack offers a sense of movement throughout the one-minute commercial, giving viewers to get an inside look at the upcoming product.

The video’s narrator keeps the commercial light and airy, offering detailed explanations of the company’s culture. From her tone to her diction, her voice carries the message and draws viewers into the context. The AB pattern of her vocal diction coincides with each frame, especially the ending where her tonal sound changes, preparing users for the final frame.

As Vimeo continues to develop its brand, one thing that’s for certain is the team’s attempt to find innovative ways to improve site quality. They recognize that to keep up with competitors they have to collaborate with their team and outside sources to stay relevant. It reflects the company’s commitment to reinventing the video-sharing market by alluding to its own stylistic qualities.

The New Vimeo Player is a creative animation and commercial video.