15 Best Animated Videos That Capture the Essence of Movements

15 Best Animated Videos That Capture the Essence of Movements
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 20, 2023

We all know the best animated videos open many doors to imagination and creativity. Businesses and brands want to tap into that aspect and apply it to their videos for the same effect.

Sure, traditional videos have the authenticity and realness many people love, but animated videos make the impossible possible. They open possibilities for making your vision into reality.

Thus, many brands use animated videos to express their thoughts, meet their objectives, or be creative with their ideals and values.

Produced by some of the best video professionals on the market these outstanding examples of the finest animated videos are great to start with if you are looking for inspiration for your future projects.

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1. GIADA SS 22 Window Display Video by Naturality Digital

[Source: Naturality Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Dreamy virtual atmosphere
  • Stunning 3D visuals
  • Realistic and vibrant colors

Step into a world where fantasy meets reality! Taking the top spot in our lineup, the GIADA SS 2022 animated video design by Naturality Digital takes viewers on a journey inspired by a beautiful "summer by the beach."

The brand's new jewelry collection embodies minimalism, modernity, and elegance. It needs a dreamlike environment to attract onlookers passing by the flagship storefronts.

To achieve this, the video producers have brought GIADA to life in revolving 3D visuals. They combined organic and inorganic forms, volumes, and textures to showcase the stunning jewels.

Vibrant colors surround the space, infusing the sky and waves with enchanting hues. The meticulously designed gems immerse viewers in a captivating realm where every sparkle and curve evokes a sense of wonder!

The mellow background music perfectly complements the animation's dreamy look and feel. Music always elevates a video; here, it adds charm to the visual storytelling.

2. My Fair Lady by Matthias Daenschel

Standout features:

  • Crisp cinematography
  • Map-like visuals and effects
  • Seamless integration of animation to live videos

My Fair Lady is one of the most popular musicals of all time, with influences stretching to linguistics and fashion. Many people love watching the journey of Eliza Doolittle and her transformation from an ugly duckling with a harsh brogue accent to a beautiful and dignified society lady.

Matthias Daenschel made this topic very relevant and exciting, especially to the younger generation, with the help of great animation and visuals. One testament to this is the introduction, where an interactive map of London is shown.

The cinematography is crisp, adding polish to the overall output.

The integration of the live and animated video shots was seamless, with no element sticking out like a sore thumb.

In Eliza Doolittle’s words, “Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?” And we think it's lovely indeed.

3. Intelligent Vehicles by Slate and Mortar

Standout features:

  • Futuristic design concept
  • Intelligible voice narration
  • Flawless execution

We all live in a future where phones can be used to pay for purchases, and cars can drive alone without human assistance. However, intelligent vehicles are just getting started with the innovations they can offer humans.

Slate and Mortar created this video with the future in mind so that people can easily understand how intelligent vehicles can make their lives easier in the coming years.

The futuristic design concept of the animated video blends so well with the message they want to send across. It reminds us of sci-fi movies like Matrix, where numbers and other elements float around the air.

This animated video has voice narration, which also contributes a layer of coolness to the overall output. It sounds robotic without being too stereotypical, which works so well.

Using this video to explain the future of vehicles is a great way to show technology’s evolution and its contribution to people’s lives.

4. WLGD22 Opening Titles by Friction

Standout features:

  • Quirky design execution
  • Play on letters and numbers
  • Colorful visuals

For an animated video to work, you must have colorful visuals that are manageable and manageable. You must find the balance and strike it beautifully to create an output that can send the message to your target audience.

Friction created this animated video as an opening for a graphic design convention, utilizing many visual elements.

For that, the presentation is on-brand, without missing any minor or significant detail. Kudos to the designers for executing this concept magnificently and inspiring other creatives to be as quirky in their following projects.

5. Clean DC Master by Primitiv

Standout features:

  • Unambiguous intentions
  • Crystal clear projection of visual assets
  • Simple and easy to understand

Animated videos are typically used in presentations for future infrastructure projects to enable people to visualize the structure and how it would serve its purpose. This is a great way to lay out which one goes where and to explain things well.

This video, courtesy of Primitiv, is an excellent example of an animated video that is informational and impressive.

Watching the video feels like you understand everything about the new structure being built for the client without knowing its core details.

The animated video is simple and easy to understand. Viewers won't even need context clues to grasp its message.

The visual elements are also straightforward, without a figure or a character being out of line in the video.

Lastly, the projection of each visual element in this animated video is so clear that it looks professional and polished.

6. VAPORWAVE by MediaCraft

Standout features:

  • Retro and techno elements
  • Stunning visuals
  • Appealing overall execution

Many designers take advantage of people's love for vintage and retro to reap their desired results. This fantastic animated video by MediaCraft for VAPORWAVE is an excellent example.

You will immediately recognize the brand identity from the get-go. They did a great job incorporating visual elements from the past and present into this commendable output.

The color story is also soothing to the eyes, even though there are a lot of colors present in the animation video. The quality of the animation is also stellar, which adds a layer of grace to the overall output.

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7. Air Taxi by Videomentor Studios

Standout features:

  • Futuristic theme
  • Precise subject description
  • Concise video execution

Everyone wants a glimpse of the future, from our homes to our communities. Air Taxi has a vision of making transportation effortless and possible without spending much commute time.

Showing people what the future holds can be tricky, but Videomentor Studios made it a walk in the park with this unique animation video.

They have successfully blended the present and future elements without overwhelming the viewers. The simulation for the Air Taxi is as accurate as it can be, and it did not show any false promises or claims.

The animation is flawless, and the additional gloss effect on the metallic buildings and the Air Taxi is a nice touch.

8. Animation Showreel 2022 by JustGoscha

Standout features:

  • Informative design
  • Japanese and modern animation elements
  • Pleasing color story

When discussing animation and animated videos, we cannot take Japan out of the equation. They are the ones who mastered and perfected it for the whole world to benefit and flourish from it.

This showreel video, courtesy of JustGoscha, pays homage to that fantastic fact by including the elements of the well-known Japanese animation styles of the 90s and early 2000s and incorporating them into this informative animated video.

The added Japanese animation elements lent a sense of nostalgia, especially to those who could watch these cartoons in the comfort of their homes when they were younger.

The app's features were also neatly displayed, and the various elements did not overwhelm each other. In any design project, achieving balance is critical, and the designers certainly get full marks.

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9. Dancing Robots by ALIEN studio

Standout features:

  • Fun robotic concept
  • Theme-appropriate sound
  • Positive energy

Aside from the animation sequences and visual elements, animated videos rely on sound choices to communicate a message. Hence, knowing which sound to use in certain concepts is a crucial decision for video designers.

That’s why ALIEN studio balanced the percentage between the visual elements, animation sequences, music, and other audio elements to create this video. The goal? To entertain and send a warm message of love and friendship.

They used robots as the main characters of the animated video, which is a remarkable contrast to the message of emotional warmth they want to convey. Since robots are known to be cold and emotionless, the execution was challenging, but the designers did it so well that it worked.

Additionally, the energy exuded by the animated video is refreshing, warm, and infectious. People watching it might feel things they never expected while watching two robots dance and hold hands in the end.

Overall, this paradox of elements worked successfully.

10. Product launch by Dr-VFX

Standout features:

  • Great contrast of textures
  • Accurate cross-section of products
  • Vivid color story

Product launches are very challenging because you sell your product to the world for the first time without seeing how they work or what it can do in the first place. That’s why companies rely a lot on animated videos like this from Dr-VFX to explain their products the best.

The video showed different products from their various clients. Still, the texture contrasts provided an unexpected visual experience to the viewers. The roughness of the exploding rocks to the smoothness of the liquid foundation has worked amazingly.

The cross-section of the headphones was also perfectly exhibited, allowing you to easily see each part, even the most miniature screws and wires inside the headphones. As a company, you need someone who can do cross-sections excellently; this is your example.

Lastly, even though the products came from different categories, the overall color story is soothing and relaxing to the eyes.

11. ACELab Europe by CHEESE Productions

Standout features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Impressive visual effects
  • Crisp audiovisual experience

Companies under science and technology rely heavily on animation videos to further explain and let people understand what they are working on in their laboratories without exposing too much.

Animated videos provide a visual way for them to explain how systems work without dismantling a whole computer.

CHEESE Productions did an excellent job in this animated video. The transitions are smooth and not dizzying, which is a plus if you watch an animated video. Sometimes, the changes need to be polished, but this is an exception.

The visual effects explained what the computer laboratory is about without sharing too much information that can be deemed confidential. They found it easy to communicate their points with visual effects.

12. Explainer: Joyseat by ClarityMotion

Standout features:

  • Soothing voiceover
  • Purposeful effects
  • Light visual elements

Sometimes, we do not need hardcore visual effects and overly complicated transitions to communicate our points in making animated videos. Sometimes, having a chill and cozy video explaining everything works just as well.

ClarityMotion has achieved its purpose of educating people about its client’s products using a series of animations that work well with their content. The images are not complicated or boring to watch.

The transitions and effects are also done well. The voiceover explanation helps people digest the video content even more.

Finally, the visual elements are light, like you are flipping an animated book and watching the drawings move in front of you.

13. YugiBaoNFT by Morgana Studios

Standout features:

  • Realistic-looking footages
  • A compelling blend of animation and real-life elements
  • Helpful audio

The crypto world still sounds like rocket science to many people, and we can understand why. How can you explain the concept of virtual currency without making your audience doubtful or bored?

Animated videos save the day for crypto companies. With crypto companies, they can go all-in in explaining how the system of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs work without meeting raised eyebrows and smirks in the process.

The real-life scenes and the animation elements in this video by Morgana Studios are blended so effectively that you won’t notice the transitions going from one location to another.

The audio also plays a significant role in explaining the main points of the client and sending the right messages to their target audience.

14. Corporate Explainer Video - Videos for business by Clapstick Media

[Source: Clapstick Media]

Standout features:

  • Efficient use of images
  • Attention to detail
  • Swift yet accurate transitions

Animated videos are also great for explaining various concepts, especially when the images require a lot of visuals to show people how things work without missing any critical details.

Clapstick Media did this fantastic explainer video with the utmost creativity with efficiency in mind, which is an excellent way for explainer videos. You must notice every detail in these kinds of videos, or the video will lose its purpose.

The designers used images to drive key points home, along with effective transitions and equally helpful audio inserts.

Their attention to detail is also worth commending because their image of the globe has no country or island group missed out. That alone shows how dedicated they are in terms of details.

Indeed, this shows how accuracy and attention to detail can work well with creativity to produce outputs that successfully work.

15. Skintific by VFXaddART

Standout Features:

  • Detailed CGI
  • Great execution
  • Thrilling sound effects

It's challenging to provide creative assets for brands in the medical world, notably visual effects and animation. However, VFXaddART's creation for Skintific proves that pulling off an appealing execution for a medical brand is doable.

The agency did an impressive job combining the elements in this animated video design. Viewers are introduced to the brand identity from the get-go. Plus, the color palette is just as effective as any other visual.

Providing thorough representations is a must for the medical industry, which this animated video design delivered and more! They have successfully blended futuristic elements with highly engaging sound effects. Each animation frame is flawless, and the additional details are a nice touch.

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