Virgin Active: We've Got A Workout For That

Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs headquartered in the United Kingdom. Its ad, dating December 2015, was aimed at encouraging viewers to join Virgin Active to get fit in the new year, whether it be for a date, running a marathon, completing a triathlon or learning to ski.

The short fifty-four second videoincludes comedic and fun elements in its storytelling technique. Featuring a young woman who is going on several dates, the video shows how each of her workouts is helping her on her dates. She uses weight training exercises to pull heavy doors, quick and nimble moves she learnt while boxing to dodge advances made at her by a date, and uses squats to handle a giant teddy bear that another date brought for her. The video aims to show that Virgin Active is a lifestyle brand, and not just a fitness center. It wants viewers to know that it provides workouts for any goal.

The video is very entertaining, without featuring a single word of dialogue. It relies on expressions and actions to tell the story instead, managing to engage the audience. The moments shown in the video are fun and relatable, ensuring that the audience is drawn in, making for a unique viewing experience. The editing of the video is great, with each clip contributing to the film. The technique used to tell the story of the concept is also excellent, juxtaposing each workout the main character learnt with an instance where she used it in her dating life. The writing is crisp, concise, and clear, and gets the message across.

The background score is also fun, festive and peppy, completely in sync with the theme of the video. In all, Virgin Active’s ad does a great job of representing the brand while also engaging and appealing to the audience.

Virgin Active: We've Got A Workout For That is a fun commercial video.

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