TBWA\ Video Design by Grid Worldwide Ignites a Powerful and Comprehensive Rebranding Campaign

TBWA\ Video Design Zeroes In on the Company’s Iconic Symbol To Tell the Brand Story

TBWA\ The Disruption Company is a big name in the Creative space.

The award-winning ad agency is the mind behind some of the world's biggest and most successful brands. We're talking Adidas, McDonald's, Hilton Hotels... you get the gist.

But while pushing brands to greater heights, one got left behind: their own brand.

From there, a rebranding project was born. One of the most impactful campaigns we've seen came from it: an impactful company profile video produced by yet another prolific creative agency, Grid Worldwide (Read more about the effects of rebranding to long-term growth).

The two-minute video dives deep into the company's rebranding process and how it can catapult modern brands to success with an all-new branding strategy.

Taking an iconic brand symbol and creatively showcasing it – that’s how branding agencies make a mark. The designers took the company's main visual icon, the backslash symbol, and used it as the central theme for the video. From basic shapes and abstract illustrations to realistic images, the backslash also takes many different forms and steals every scene – great for creating brand recall.

What a great way to disrupt the market and establish brand recognition!

TBWA\’s Video Design Introduces the Brand to a Modern Audience via Evocative Motion Graphics

As mentioned, the backslash icon became the essential storyteller for this video.

And here's the best part: on a blank, static screen, the old brand logo got peeled off like a sticker to reveal the new logo icon. Talk about impactful visual storytelling – simple and striking!

But that could only be conveyed through powerful motion graphics. And in this video, the designers relied on animation to bring the agency's excellence to life and modernize the brand's visual language. See other animated videos with jaw-dropping motion graphics.

3D animations of the brand's icons and fundamental illustrations serve as a nice visual treat for viewers. It also elevated the video's aesthetic as a whole!

Creative transitions, animated typography and text effects made the video content more exciting and dynamic. Even if it's loaded with text descriptions and labels, the video still manages to hook the audience and make them read every word. It's a remarkable display of motion graphics experts' ability to create engaging and captivating video content while maintaining readability.

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TBWA\ Video Design Features Interview Clips and Soundbites From Key Representatives To Establish Credibility and Affinity

Customers and prospective clients don't connect with businesses; they connect with people. It's how companies humanize their brand as much as they can!

In this video, TBWA\ exemplifies that principle by putting the people behind the scenes in front of the camera.

Viewers saw the executives and company representatives take center stage to share their thoughts and walk them through TBWA\'s core values and processes.

Landscapes and snapshots of the company's new and improved headquarters were also shown in the video, making the viewers feel like they were part of the rebranding journey.

Fast-Paced Video Sequence Pack a Punch and Grab the Viewer’s Attention in TBWA\’s Video Design

A two-minute campaign video can either keep the audience engaged or make them leave at the first 30-second mark. It's the thing that advertisers contend with the viewer's limited attention span.

So, what did the Grid Worldwide designers do to ensure the viewer stays until the end of the TBWA/ video?

You guessed it: fast jump cuts and shot variations. Many professional video producers use this technique to captivate the viewer and maintain their engagement until the end.

As the narrator speaks, split-second scenes of videos and images help move the story along. From artistic illustrations to actual shots of the company's headquarters, the video follows a fast-paced sequence to keep the scenes exhilarating and upbeat.

Never a dull moment in this video!

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