Acme Great Homepage

Welcome to Acme, leading industrial solutions provider in Dubai for over forty years. Starting from when Dubai was only a dessert, Acme has built themselves up while simultaneously building up the city as well.

Breathtaking. That’s what it’s like coming to Acme’s homepage. Fog rising up through the buildings of Dubai is displayed in a gorgeous photograph that’s sure to give you pause.

The depth of the image pulls your gaze to the center of the page, where the company’s catch phrase is boldly laid out in vibrant orange lettering. In combination with the dynamic photograph, the impact is high, and shows you the kind of dedication the company has to stay ahead of the industrial times.

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Acme Great About Page

Enter Acme’s website design and find yourself dragged into a dynamic and unique platform to learn about the different aspects that the company specializes in.

The six segment page utilizes the entire screen and opts for transitional effects instead of a long scroll. Crisp photographs are combined with enlarged wording to showcase the different areas the company focuses on.

As you scroll, the screen you're looking at transitions with a blocky rolling effect to briefly introduce you to the area you're about to look at before plunging you into the dynamic design. Acme opts for minimal wording, making it easy for you to understand what they do without spending too much time reading.

The choice is simple and of high impact, as you rely on strong imagery to tell you the information.

While Acme offers a single page to learn everything about what they offer, make sure to touch base with the menu page. The same segments you’ve scrolled through are laid out at the bottom of the screen in a horizontal fashion for you to move back and forth between.

Dynamic, bright illustrations with a map-like appearance rotate slowly on the screen. Keep watching! As the illustrations transition between one another, you’ll be offered fun facts pertaining to Acme’s history. The use of facts maintains intrigue while the white and yellow lettering is easy for you to read.

Acme uncomplicates the user experience by condensing the focus into a single page formatting. Sharp photographs and quirky illustrations come together to create a visual platform that’s fun and easy on the eyes.

Acme's website design exemplifies the best of the best due to its unique effects, strong attention to detail and unfettered user experience. 

Acme is a great website design in the Distribution and Manufacturing industries.

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