Vain Sid Elegant Homepage

Creative, talented, and full of sassy intuition—Vain Sid is a website dedicated to Art Director Zhou Li, and it oozes personality and talent. Zhou Li uses a heavy, black negative space to put all the emphasis on the words she has to say. Using a combination of bold fonts and thin fonts in white, a few simplistic sentences are left-aligned and vertically centered on the page to draw the user’s attention. The use of pale pink is made as an accent, building on the sass of the textual content.

From the home page, users are able to access a hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the screen. When opened, the menu replaces the solid black background with a dark, black-and-white photograph. Users are given the option to access three different pages in a thin, pale white font.

Vain Sid Elegant Portfolio

Zhou Li takes a minimalist approach to what she presents on her website, and it is highly effective for users. Scrolling down from the home screen, users are presented with a grid of various projects done by Zhou Li. Photographs create the boundaries of the grid and utilize the entire space on the page. Centered in the middle of each photograph is the client’s logo in white.

Vain Sid Elegant Website Design

All the pow and jazz of the website goes into amplifying Zhou Li’s portfolio with crisp photographs and simulations of the portfolio piece in action. Users are introduced to individual projects by way of a two-column table listed directly underneath a header photograph. A common sans serif font in black stands stark against the white negative space. Scrolling downward, photographs of the project are combined with simulations, including mockups of iPad, computer, and mobile device presentations. To add variety, the page is broken into segments that are easily discernable from one another with alternating white and pale gray backgrounds

Drawing users in with a highly dynamic design, Zhou Li brings out the colors of her portfolio with a pow. The creative design heavily impacts users to browse through her work.

Vain Sid is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology industries.