Mustache Clean Homepage

Whether through tech or touch, connectivity is one of the most important aspects of what it means to be human. We value interacting with each other in a variety of capacities, and one Danish app producer is using that key human component to change events and experiences. From task completion tracking for clients to public shop-sharing for collectors, bloggers, and fashion lovers, Mustache website creates apps that connect people across interests and locations. Their multilingual interface ensures a similar online experience to their products.

A clean and colorful background centers large blocks of color, images, or video bordered by plain white space to draw the eye to the middle of the page. Block text is used for headings. A slightly opaque video of the company greets users on each page and a solid page of bright yellow, red, or blue color transitions users between topics as they navigate. Rounded font families fill in the white space of various pages with descriptive content about the company and its assorted projects. The experience has the ease, color, and simplicity one would expect from app designers.

Mustache Clean Website Design

As potential clients explore the tab options arranged vertically on the right of the page, they can access a portfolio of completed app samples produced by Mustache. A large photo of clients using the app at the event or location intended fills the heading of the page, and strips of color dash across it to reveal the title of each project. A simple scroll feature allows users to read written content that describes the work.

Each page of the case samples uses a similar color scheme in gradients of a given color family to make the experience consistent and interesting. For instance, this portfolio page uses a red theme, emphasized by the color of the icon on the upper left and echoed in background boxes and image borders throughout the page. Each case sample page uses different digital tools, like video or animations, to demonstrate the use of the app for that client’s given context. The interface remains immersive, yet easy, giving clients a taste of what it would be like to have this company develop a custom, user-friendly app to connect their own communities.

Mustache is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.