Turneffe Island Resort Beautiful Homepage

Turneffe Island Resort has put together a site that goes above and beyond in terms of being both visually exciting and informationally complete. The UI and UX are outstanding, allowing users to really get a great view of what the site is about and how to arrange a vacation experience at their gorgeous location.

The landing page itself features an outstanding layout, incorporating vibrant images to frame the minimal text on the page. Several call-to-action buttons are present, drawing users to click and learn more about the many offers the resort has available.

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Turneffe Island Resort Beautiful About Page

The About page is just as stunning as the landing page, with the incorporation of more information to match the great visual layout of the page.

The brightly-colored header text allows users to quickly scan the information, and several brightly-colored hyperlinks help to break up the black text, giving users some useful links to check out once users have finished reading.

The bright and visually playful photographs used work to create a feeling of adventure, fun, and exotic allure for the resort itself, which certainly lends itself to a great conversion rate and makes users truly want to visit.

Turneffe Island Resort Beautiful Product Page

One of the defining features of the product page is the expanding sections. We love to see sites set up this way, as it truly goes miles in minimizing the necessary scrolling a user must do to find the information they want. Rather than wading through a wall of text, they can simply click and scan their way through, quickly and efficiently deciding which experiences they want to book.

Overall, the visual aspect of the site is truly stunning, while the UI and UX have been created with maximum ease of use and resources in mind. The playful and fun feeling the design creates makes readers want to go on a vacation - precisely the point behind the site, and we think they nailed that very well.

Turneffe Island Resort is a beautiful website design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.

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