Automobili Lamborghini Elegant Homepage

Everyone has seen a Lamborghini at one time or another - in a movie, at a car show, or on the internet.

The folks at Lamborghini know exactly how to market their automobiles, as their site clearly showcases the product through bold colors, bright and fun imagery, and eye-catching product news and features.

The landing page is full of interesting images, links to more information, and a wealth of luscious cars to make any aficionado drool while they navigate the page. The well-placed video and bold design draw attention to the text within and lead visitors to read more about these fascinating cars.

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Automobili Lamborghini Elegant About Page

The Brand page (About page) features a design that is geometric and funky, retaining the edgy lines that these cars are so well known for.

Each section is its own call to action, with arrows serving as the call buttons in the corners of the images and drawing potential customers onto the accompanying pages to read more about the outstanding staff and creators.

Toward the bottom of the page, you can find image-based links to different sections of the site. Each image relates to the products within the accompanying pages, allowing visitors to clearly understand which page they are headed to and what they will find therein.

The footer menu is minimal yet impressive. The bold use of white text on a black background makes a strong statement, while the links are very intuitive and offer more information and options for consumers.

One of the key features of the site is its careful placement of product images. The design of the automobiles is always an attention-grabber, whether on the road or on a webpage. The site has made great use of this fact and paired their images, color scheme, and overall layout very well.

Overall, the site suits the brand and gives potential customers and casual visitors a clear view of what a Lamborghini represents. The bold use of colors and carefully selected images show due respect to the automobiles themselves while creating a comfortable and easy-to-navigate UI, which is essential for solid sales conversion.

Automobili Lamborghini is an elegant website design in the Automotive and Luxury industries.

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