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The Belyi Ostrov House Website Design Uses Horizontal Scrolling for a Dynamic User Experience

The Belyi Ostrov (White Island) House is the palatial residential complex located on Beloostrovskaya Ulitsa (White Island Street) — a newly constructed deluxe location in Saint Petersburg with highly refined transport, social, retail and entertainment infrastructures.

It is a secluded but not isolated place. It is a copious space of safety, leisure and comfort in a newly developing city area. The White Island website masterfully crafted by Bquadro perfectly encapsulates the district’s appeal through a subtle yet innovative parallax effect.

The Belyi Ostrov House website design is continually enhanced through unique effects. The agency opted for pseudo-3D effects, motion graphics, interactive map and horizontal homepage scrolling — non-standard solutions that command attention.

Although a horizontal layout can often be distracting and hard to follow, it can be an extraordinary addition to the user experience when the web design agency has implemented it well. Such is the case for this website design.

The scrolling is punctuated into different slides and every transition is marked with “blink and you’ll miss it” motion graphics. The unconventional user journey is enjoyable and adds an engaging note to the page. Combined with ample gold touches, it makes visitors feel as if they’re leafing through a magazine “leaning back in a cozy armchair.”

Horizontal Layout

Luxurious Color Palette and Elegant Typeface Lend a Touch of Class to The Belyi Ostrov House Website Design

The Belyi Ostrov concept is not a simple flexing of opulence but rather a cozy, high-tech and environmentally friendly place. The website combines each of these aspects with a user-friendly approach that boosts brand awareness among the target audience.

The website backdrop sports a fairly restrained color scheme that lends a feel of modernity and exclusivity to the real estate business. Gold accents emphasize the feeling of a privileged yet inviting urban oasis.

The entire website seems to be saturated with dynamic, yet calm animation. This supports the “magazine” vibe of the website and at the same time, emphasizes the ergonomics of the residential complex.

Branding experts often use sleek and minimalist fonts to create a sophisticated look. On the Belyi Ostrov House website, the agency uses elegant typography to convey that branding value effectively, from the letters in the logo and the navigation menu to the content throughout the landing pages. The Century Gothic sans-serif font is built on the foundations of elegance and readability, making it a great choice for this particular website design.

The mix of bigger and thicker headings with small paragraphs seeks attention and exudes a luxurious look. And this, yet again, gives the feeling of reading some fashion magazine.

Streamlined navigation

Ample Negative Space Keeps the Visitors Glued on The Belyi Ostrov House’s Key Messages

Although not exactly minimalist per se, the overall structure of the Belyi Ostrov House website design relies on clean content and simple elements to make the users successfully move from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel.

In this website design, The Belyi Ostrov House uses micro and macro negative spaces effectively. The prevalent white space complemented with gold and black accents and masterfully rendered visuals emphasizes the brand’s offerings.

The clean layout and classy color palette are seamless and easy on the eyes, helping the readers focus on what truly matters. They contribute to a timeless and professional look that both stands out and offers a visual relief.

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Pop-up Menu

The Belyi Ostrov House’s Engaging Pop-up Menu Elevates the User Experience with Eye-Catching Transition

Flipping through Belyi Ostrov House website pages and enjoying the compelling images is a delightful but possibly time-consuming experience. Some visitors simply want to find information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But the website designers knew this and proved that they thought of every possible user journey. The hamburger “Menu” button is easily accessible from the upper right corner of the page, while its symmetrical mirror reflection on the bottom is reserved for the CTA.

Clicking on the Menu button opens a lightning-fast pseudo third dimension. A creative pop-up menu appears spanning the whole page, while the image on the right represents the page where you’ve accessed it.

Large, highly distinctive options on the left provide easy access to choosing your apartment and/or learning more about the complex.

This is yet another creative web design solution that elevates UX and makes the information architecture well-aligned with content hierarchy.

Interactive Map

The Belyi Ostrov House Is Worth a Visit Online and Offline

The Belyi Ostrov House website is anything but dull. Its color palette paired with stylish typography gives the site a high-class and elegant look.

The playful navigation menu and clean CTAs combined with motion effects make visitors linger on the website and take the desired steps. By combining these elements, web designers successfully create websites that not only provide a visually pleasing experience but also offer a seamless browsing experience.

The Belyi Ostrov House crowned its web design by adding an interactive map — an overview of the complex as an effective way of ensuring users become actively involved with the content. After visitors passively absorb information through engaging content, interactivity adds another layer that helps in recapturing their attention and increasing engagement.

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The fact that the website seamlessly works on different devices further improves the user experience. As backed by the best responsive web design companies, a responsive design not only caters to the growing mobile user base, lowering bounce rates and better SERPs. It also communicates the Belyi Ostrov values: inviting go-getter residents into a house-fortress that meets the spirit of the digital era — a characteristic worthy of the Best Design Award for February 2022.

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