BMW USA Sleek Homepage Design

The automotive industry has spent decades finding new ways to draw in prospective buyers, and BMW is no exception to that rule. Their online presence is bold, with logo-driven colors and a stylish flair that has made the company the top of their class in the automotive industry.

Their landing page is highly visual, with several call to action buttons, inviting the user to learn more about the services and products they offer. 

The images used are stylish yet warm, drawing the user in with a sense of belonging. Overall, the rich visual features do well to hold buyers' attention and entice them to learn more.

The lower image carousel allows prospective buyers to view several models, leading them to follow the call to action buttons to find out more information, while the extensive footer menu provides every possible avenue of information needed at a glance.

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BMW USA Sleek Product Page Design

The Certified Pre-Owned page features bold, eye-catching colors. An inviting and eloquent welcome text is featured, followed by a well-laid-out information section with calls to action. 

The stylish and sleek website design features images that give the impression of power, class, and prestige. The images fit well with the desired market that BMW is leaning towards, which is one of responsibility crossed with a bit of adventure.

The entire pyramid layout leads the user to the Special Offers, where there are several buttons providing options to gain more information. The bold colors of the call to action buttons create a very exciting feeling for the page and fits well into the overall UI.

The Special Offers page pulls together the entire UX, bringing forward the information that the majority of prospective buyers are seeking.

Images and calls to action are present to inform users of important protection and certification information, while there are additional calls to action leading to loan information.

Overall, the BMW website design is very bold, from the colors to the images.

They have chosen to lean heavily on the stylish presence of the vehicles in their chosen images to make a strong impact on consumers and the overall effect is quite successful.

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