Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers Corporate Homepage

You can’t get a more powerful than a global force, and that's just what Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers is as a company. 

They make an immediate impact on users through their website design and strong word choice, showing just how serious they are about the legal cases they take on.

The company’s global reach is strongly depicted on their homepage with the use of world map illustrations. The beautiful choice is complemented with earthy tones of blue and green.

The page previews the main sections to come, giving you a fantastic idea of what you’ll find across the site. It’s enough to entice, but also not too much to give away all the information.

Bright, bold letters are easy to read and the use of shadowing really makes certain letters or numbers jump off the page at you. Your attention is immediately drawn to these as you scroll.

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Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers Corporate Contact Page

A global force is right! Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers has offices all over the world. Head on over to their contact page to see exactly where they’re located. You’ll find two columns of offices listed, while a solid text box with a faded picture gives each office’s information.

Look a little bit closer at that faded picture, though! You’ll find that each one is a skyline photograph in black and white of each city. The visual adds a simple, personalized touch

Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers Corporate About Page

There’s no firm like Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers, and they make sure their About page boasts exactly why. As a result, the design takes a dynamic turn, with geometric shapes as the background instead of the aforementioned illustrations.

Statistics are broken down on the page by type, and the shapes form a separation between the numbers, ensuring the information is easy to read.

The colors are all shades of the same spectrum, creating a beautiful fade right before your eyes. The setup is stunning, and the use of vibrant yellows within the font complements the design.

Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers created a visually stimulating site for users to visit. From whipsmart shapes to earthy maps of the world, users receive a true sense of the company’s reach on a website that uses visualization to design a pleasant experience.

Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers is a corporate website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.

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