Brand Image Colorful Website Design Homepage

With a focus on structural design, Brand Image keeps their minimal website design well-structured. The choice keeps the focus on what Brand Image creates, rather than on the website itself.

The homepage is simple and easy to navigate. To introduce potential clients to the basics of their company, Brand Image makes use of a flat purple text box in the right upper corner of the page in combination with a white sans-serif font. The effect is eye-catching against the number of sleek photographs put together on the page. Because the emphasis is on the work they create, the company labels each photograph based on which project it was from.

At the top of the homepage, potential clients will find the only tool they need to navigate the website in the form of a header menu. Uniquely enough, the header menu not only provides the various page titles but also includes hyperlinks to social media sites for an all-inclusive experience when utilized.

Brand Image Organized Website News

Keeping users up-to-date with a variety of articles, the News page lines up articles in a clean and organized format that makes it easy to move through. Each article debuts with a vibrant image in combination with a footer text box. Within the text box, potential clients are given a single-sentence idea about the content of the article. In addition, Brand Image utilizes the idea of hashtags for tagging articles to help create context awareness for each article.

Brand Image Best Website Design

While making use of the same colored text box that can be found on each page, Brand Image varies the hues to coordinate color schemes with the projects being debuted as a part of the company’s portfolio. Any information about the client and the project itself is contained within the text box.

The remainder of the page utilizes any available space to place sleek photographs from the final product created. Photographs are lined up directly next to one another with no use of borders or negative space to create a break between images.

All in all, Brand Image's beautiful website design gives users a clean, organized and pleasant user experience throughout.