C By GE Clean Homepage

The C lightbulb is GE’s answer to smart lighting. Smart lighting is a kind of responsive lighting design. You can control some of C’s products with a smartphone app, while others feature voice recognition technology.

On the homepage, GE website allows for high resolution images of the three different products to remain the focus. The only color on the page — blue — showcases important points and the products. As the cursor hovers over product images, they appear highlighted in blue, adding a nice responsive feature to the page. The home page does not just feature simple product photos, rather pictures spotlight families and how the product can actually improve the user’s life.

A white navigation bar appears at the top of the page as the user scrolls downwards. A playful GE logo appears in the left hand corner, alerting the user that this is not a typical GE product. Blue font, the only color on the navigation bar, highlights the “order” function. A white chat button also remains static on each page, directing the user to a popup contact form.

C By GE Clean Website Design

Product images on the home page lead the user to landing pages for each product. Enhancing brand cohesion, each product page mirrors the deep scroll layout and color scheme of the home page. Bolded bullet points and simple illustrations convey important facts about each product. Again, high resolution photographs of families demonstrate product utility.

At the bottom of each product page, users are able to leave honest reviews, creating an environment of trust and authenticity. Some sites add plenty of hurdles to jump through to leave a review. On this page, the process is fast and easy, encouraging more participation, which serves to increase search engine ranking.

It can be hard to sell “smart” replacements to common household items, like light bulbs. Through expertly designed photography and straightforward copy, GE makes a good case for replacing your current lighting with their products. It’s no surprise that GE has been on the bleeding edge of innovation since Thomas Edison founded the company in 1890. Now GE has come full circle, creating a light bulb for the future.

C By GE is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Engineering and Technology industries.