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A compass guides you and gives you direction in your most dire times of need. So, when buying or renting a home becomes too stressful or too much to handle, let Compass be your guide. 

Whether it’s New York, Chicago, Santa Barbara, or beyond, Compass sets out to set themselves apart as your go-to support for home rental and buying search. Simplicity becomes key to give you the stress-free search you need and the company works hard to put this in play from the moment you enter the website.

Opting for an elegant stance, the company employs a simple monochromatic color scheme to make up their pages. Lovely shades of gray complement white backgrounds and black font, building up a classy platform. It’s a color scheme that sets your frame of mind as you begin your search, exuding the sense of luxury and nice things in your mind. It’s calming and helps in Compass’ goal to remove the stress from house shopping or rental.

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Compass Website Product Pages

Inhale a deep breath…. exhale… and let the photographs on Compass’ Product pages flow through you, impacting and inspiring you as you search for the house of your dreams. With a focus on highly visual elements, Compass uses images to optimize your search. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a house without looking at it first! Internet pictures just happen to be the precursor to that.

An elegant and professional website design, Compass employs photographs that are meant to stun and wow you. The vivid colors stand out against the airy background, assuring your ability to take in each one without distraction. The combination creates a virtual walk through and for a brief moment in time you’re able to lose yourself in the photographs, picture yourself in that house, and ultimately decide which house--or houses--are right for you. It’s a brilliant way to minimize what’s shown and offer only what’s necessary.

Compass Website Contact Us

Keeping your stress low may not always be possible when searching for a new home so Compass makes it an easy experience to reach out when you need assistance. The company’s Contact page focuses on minimizing the amount of information you need to avoid overloading you.

As a result, the page is a wide open space that’s quick to move through and doesn’t deter you. The white background offsets the boldness of the black font, making every word easy to read. The page is clearly divided into segments that you can differentiate from one another. You can quickly use the plugin form, find an agent, or utilize one of the company’s many direct lines. You’re guaranteed to find the support you need with a page that is focused on that goal.

Taking the stress out of house rentals and buying, Compass creates a guiding force through the minimalist approach. Flashy designs are traded out for smart, tactful choices of images and text placements that are only absolutely necessary. It’s a choice that leaves users comfortable and ready to start their search.

Compass is an elegant website design in the Real Estate and Professional Services industries. 

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