Bashful Creative Agency Beautiful Homepage

Across religion and race, politics and personalities, technology is connecting humanity in ways never seen before. Every product or service has a unique human story. Now more than ever, it is possible to reach beyond boundaries to another human being and learn their story. Bashful Creative Agency seeks to do just that by connecting individuals with the humanity behind brands. Their internet presence reflects much of the same.

Using pastel pinks and blues that fade into one another, this site design brings a soft touch to what is sometimes a challenging subject: business. White text and thin white lines accent pages with delicate and engaging minimalistic themes.

Bashful Creative Agency seeks to use its creative platform to help businesses bring out the narratives and human experiences implicit in all kinds of branding.

Bashful Creative Agency Beautiful Full Screen Photos

As users explore the pages from the menu, they’ll discover an interface that immerses them into a highly interactive experience. Responsive arrow and bullet point movements on different pages create their own kind of human interaction within the site design. Each click pulls up a new page where users can read and explore informational content about the mission behind the agency.

Full screen photos overlaid with a nearly transparent blue film fill the backdrop of each page. Each image reflects some emotionally significant human experience. From images of people riding motorcycles to individuals laughing or washing laundry, users are visually reminded that products and services help us create the stories and experiences of our daily lives.

Bashful Creative Agency Beautiful Website Design

To view the company’s digital work portfolio, users can click through video narratives outlining each project’s evolution. Numbered tick marks spaced out along the right hand side of the page give users an easy way to navigate in any direction—backwards or forwards—through the projects. A column overlaid with a nearly transparent, contrasting color appears from the left, where users can click an option to read more information about each portfolio sample.

Bashful Creative Agency Beautiful About Page

After taking their own journey through the site, users can meet the minds behind Bashful Creative Agency’s creations by accessing an interactive team page. This part of the site uses moving shapes and images that respond to user clicks. Outlines of circles fill with a light color when users move the mouse. Fast, eclectic slideshows using images ranging from Bitmoji icons to black-and-white shots flip through quickly and automatically when users hover.

The pace and feel is vibrant and charismatic. Themes from the broader site, such as pink image borders, appear when users prepare to click on different features. From beginning to end, this site creatively connects users with the philosophy so central to the agency’s own branding: The most important part of any business is the human experience it creates.

Bashful Creative Agency is a beautiful website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.