FreshBooks Corporate Homepage

Small business made easy. That’s the way FreshBooks approaches their all new accounting software. With simplicity as their foundation, the company works to help you make the most out of your time so you don’t have to focus too much on the financial aspect.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit at your computer with a delectable breakfast and breeze through your finances as you eat, knowing you’ll be done with both at about the same time?

That’s the promise the FreshBooks website gives as you land on their home page. An airy photo of a woman at her desk with breakfast shows her working through the software’s dashboard. Vibrant blue words accompany the image, adding to the light feel.

As you scroll, FreshBooks brings out a collection of illustrations to lay out the various custom features developed for this software. This quirky imagery allows a fun way to give you an inkling of how the software can benefit you while letting you move past quickly to dive into more aspects.

The same vivid blue font from the landing image becomes a tool as you go. It divides up the sections on the page as a way to separate topics for easy reading. The choice creates a pleasant visual introduction to FreshBooks that offers up a little bit of everything and makes you want to explore further.

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FreshBooks Corporate Blog Page

Running a business is a lot of work, something FreshBooks has come to understand as they’ve developed. As a way to lend a helping hand, the company pulls together a multifaceted blog for you to utilize as your business grows. Learn to thrive as a business with post after post made just for you.

Posts come together in a combination of photographs or illustrations with an intriguing title. Keep an eye out for the colorful tag on every article at the very top! It’ll let you know what area of interest the blog is. Maintaining visual variety on the page, posts are presented in different sizes as they create numerous rows down the page. Even with the varying sizes, organization is key to your adventure down the page! It’s simplistic and engaging as it allows your attention to be drawn to the kinds of material shown.

FreshBooks builds a lively visual atmosphere for users that relies on bright colors and open space around the vivid imagery to invite users in. Organizational elements are used across the website so the plethora of information given is easily moved through in a user-friendly manner.

FreshBooks is a corporate website design in the Banking & Finance and Technology industries.

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