HTMLBurger Colorful Homepage

Founded in 2007, HTMLBueger is a great team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, programmers and designers. They claim to be an agency small enough to be cohesive and agile enough to approach every single project with devotion, care and flexibility, yet big enough to accept coding challenges of all shapes and sizes.

The first word that came to mind after the web journey with HTMLBueger is “pixel-perfect”. A pixel-perfect website required flawless collaborative effort between developers and designers. HTMLBueger has pushed the envelope and tailored their website to be the best example of their work. Just like what they said on their website, “Web development is not just about coding designs but creating experience. Interaction, dynamics, motion -- this is what the future of the web looks like and this is what we are here for.” Their achievement shows they are a team work side by side in a symbiotic, mutually productive relationship.

HTMLBurger Colorful Website Design

It comes as no surprise how seamless the user interface is; in fact, users won’t even notice how intuitive it is when they venture into each webpage. However, in terms of creativity and visual presentation, it’s pleasant and amazing. That means, even standing on the programmer side in this digital era, they are more than capable of making designs functional and dynamic, and indeed recognize and appreciate good design. 

HTMLBurger Colorful Services Page

The dynamic logo and the hovering effect of the menu icon, plus the idea of having burger packagings to represent the services hint their fun-loving personality. The cohesiveness between the custom illustrations, icons, and the treatments for elements, such as buttons and arrows shows their attention to details. The way they organize information and pair with the most suitable visual presentation indicate their skills and knowledge. They also agree with the concept “content is king”, so craft contextually appropriate content to users for more accessibility and engagement.

HTMLBurger is a colorful website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.