Baldor Product CTA

The Baldor Website Design Is Product-Focused, Engaging And Dedicated To Making Brands’ Lives Easier

Baldor specializes in delivering farm-to-table food products to the Northeastern United States. It would be hard to walk the streets of New York City at any given time and not come across a Baldor food truck.

They’re instantly recognizable – solid white, black logo, with strong simplicity. The website designed is a vehicle so-to-speak, and reflects that familiar look and feel while creating a beautiful user experience with complicated features made simple.

Baldor is an extremely effective B2B company that makes buying groceries for your organization a breeze. With a website layout that puts its products on clear display, Baldor understands that its products are the real prize.

This website put a focus on the food, with vivid images and photographs that show the freshness these foods exude. You feel comfortable and confident about the foods that line the product pages.

But Baldor doesn’t just make a website that’s nice to look at — it’s extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate as well. Designers pulled out all the stops to ensure users were greeted by the freshness and reliability the brand has become known for.

Baldor Homepage

Baldor’s Visually-Driven Website Design Makes Effective Use Of Vivid Imagery And Compelling Photography

Immediately upon landing on the homepage, the user is greeted with beautiful and creatively arranged photography that showcases the wide variety of products. Having multi-colored and multi-textured photography can be a challenge to fit within a brand color palette, but Baldor's steadfast black and white aesthetic really allows for the products to shine.

This use of product photography is nice and elegantly crafted. Landing pages pop. But it’s not just the photographs that make a statement. Clever and crafty illustrations line the bottom of the home page and product pages. They’re cute, compelling and informative, providing information about departments and services that the company excels at.

Throughout the website, there is a clear focus on the power of images and illustration. This adds an authenticity and distinction to the brand and its products. By being able to get a clear picture of the products your company will be working with, Baldor is ensuring that you build up a clear sense of trust for them.

Baldor Product Page

Baldor’s User-Friendly Website Design Emphasizes Its Product With A Clean Layout And Clear CTAs

The 'Product Cards' are really the star of the show on the Baldor website. They are essentially contained modules that feature products, information, and options the user can select. These cards are easily scalable across sizes and devices and are the entryway into the heart of the Baldor website, which is the 'Menu' area.

Users are able to customize menus, pick items, dates of delivery, and many other options. A very robust e-commerce system is wrapped seamlessly into an elegant design.

CTA buttons are clear and cohesive — with big, bold buttons readily available. There is no question, concern or confusion about how a brand can continue with a purchase.

The clean, white background and bold, black typography create a stunning contrast that is nice and pleasing to the eye. The point of this, of course, is to put the products on display — which they are.

These product images are clean, crisp and fresh. They are placed on a white background to really make them pop from the screen. Navigation is a breeze with the user being able to get a closer look, check out similar products with the help of a clickable button, and even get a peek at what products are in season to maximize efficiency.

As a whole, this design is well balanced, engaging and clean. There's no confusion — you can easily search by department and product. And once you find what you want, you can add it to your cart and search for similar items depending on a recipe or what’s in season.

The website tracks your location, allowing you to pick only the best and freshest local ingredients.

Smart searches also make finding what you want easier — and this smart search is clean, visually-driven and provides clear calls to action so you can easily add it to your cart without moving to a new webpage.

Baldor’s website makes getting the ingredients you need to get your day started quick and easy.

Baldor Smart Search

The Baldor Website Design Makes Use Of Clever Functionalities and Innovative Effects To Create An Intuitive Experience

Baldor puts its users first, from its image-driven landing pages and unmissable calls to action to the subtle image roll over and user-friendly effects.

Smart searches allow you to find what you need, where you need it, fast. The location page allows you to see where exactly you’re products are coming from without hesitation or questions. Features like “Peak Season,” “Local” and “View Similar” let consumers know what to buy, when and from where. And they even help nudge consumers in the right direction.

This website is intuitive, efficient and interactive. Rollover effects on product images and search results add a dynamic and exciting aspect to the website. And the Help Desk is extremely efficient and easy to navigate.

The drop-down menu is quick and makes use of images and interactivity, and featured items show that the company is involved with its products — so you can trust their services.

These subtle but intriguing features really bring this website design to a whole new level.

Baldor Homepage

Baldor’s Stunning Website Design Puts Its Products On Display In A Clean, Simple And Spectacular Way

The products are the focus of this website design, but don’t let that fool you. This is an extremely visually-appealing, dynamic and interactive website that markets Baldor as an industry leader in food production.

With clear CTAs, a clean user experience, and vivid imagery, consumers are instantly greeted with what matters — the food. And the fluid user experience helps them get exactly where they want to go with ease.

Baldor is an amazing e-commerce website design that other retailers should strive to emulate.