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Jackie’s Website Design Connects Women With The Brands Right For Them

Jackie is a subscription style brand that connects people with brands and styles tailored to them. This lifestyle company promotes positivity and body confidence by matching its customers with quality clothing brands to better themselves and better the world.

The goal is to remove excess. By matching people with brands that rock, Jackie hopes to eliminate the stress and anxiety of shopping, as well as reduce the amount spent on clothes that women don’t feel comfortable in.

Jackie is an extremely inclusive brand that emphasizes female empowerment, diversity and body positivity. That’s why they’ve spent years nailing down their style formula to ensure that the women that use their service get the products and styles that will make them feel like a million bucks.

We want women to know how freaking awesome they are. Jackie embodies the female powerhouses out there by styling them in a way that allows them to look amazing whether hanging with the kids or building a new business. Life is too short to put your personal needs to the side and we believe that truly getting “dressed” results in a better You all the way around.

This subscription fashion service works in three steps. First, clients are asked to fill out a style quiz. In it, they’re asked about their personal style and their future style goals. It’s a five-minute quiz that begins to shed some light on who that person is as a whole.

The second step consists of choosing the subscription box that best fits their needs. Whether their shoe closet needs a refresh or their clothes need a facelift, clients can choose the plan that works best for them.

The third and final step is the fun bit. Every month, a personalized boutique box will arrive at your door based on your preferences and needs. All you have to do is decide what items you like, buy them and return the rest.

It’s a simple, innovative idea for a brand that really makes the whole shopping experience fun and stress-free. It’s exciting and empowering and positive.

And to match the enthusiasm of the entire process, the team at Jackie decided to go with an online platform that was fun, flirty and original.

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Jackie Reviews Website Design

The Jackie Website Promotes Positivity With Bright Colors, Exciting Imagery And Playful Illustrations

White, coral and pink make up the color palette of this stunning and vivacious website. You can see these colors in the cursive logo design, text blocks and sections dividers. The menu bar is a soft and feminine pink, with white text that pops and inspires.

Color is used here to grab your attention and put you at ease. It’s exciting and familiar. It’s innately feminine and fun.

It’s layered on photographs and sits semi-transparently on the clean, white background. Overall, this classic and clean design is bright and airy — putting you in the right mindset to start shopping.

It looks very much like a boutique would in-store. It’s very chic and sophisticated while still being playful and fun.

Jackie Learn More Website Design

And the illustrations that line the website are equally curious and cool. These hand drawn icons add a creative touch to the overall design, and bring it back down to earth. The drawn star adds a childlike wonder that is instantly friendly and approachable.

These illustrations give off easygoing vibes and take away the stiff, corporate vibe of the brand — you don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

In fact, the colors and illustrations included make you feel at peace and instantly comfortable with the website, the brand and the process itself. If you hated the idea of shopping or working with a stylist before, this website design certainly changes your mind.

And this design does a great job at using photography and product shots to give users a sense of what to expect, giving the brand a sophisticated, regal and authentic tone that makes it instantly trustworthy.

Jackie About Website Design

Jackie’s Dynamic Design Emphasizes Fun And Flirtation With Movement And Pop-Ups

But it’s not just the inclusion of these visual elements that makes this design pop — it’s also the way they appear that makes a statement.

There is a lot of movement in this website thanks to a variety of dynamic elements. As you scroll, text boxes slide in, images pop up, and little icons and CTAs draw your attention to different areas.

Whether you’re taking the quiz, learning more about the founder or just trying to get a feel of what the stylists here are looking to do, you feel like you can easily approach them and ask the right questions.

The movement adds a playful excitement to the design that creates urgency — though not in a stressful way. It’s easygoing. It’s exciting. It’s playful. And it’s fun.

The movement is subtle but creative, original and refreshing.

Jackie Quiz Website Design

Jackie’s E-Commerce Website Puts The Fun Back Into Shopping

From the second you open up the webpage to the second your first boutique box arrives at your door, you’re filled with this innate sense of wonder, excitement and enthusiasm. The whole process is a fun and extremely personal one that makes you feel better connected with yourself and your personal style.

This website makes shopping exciting again, eliminating the stressors and anxieties you might otherwise feel when you head to the mall. Gone are the insecurities and the doubt, because the team at Jackie wants you to feel empowered. They want you to let it all go and just embrace who you are, what you look like and what your personal brand is.

Jackie is a brand that doesn’t want you to feel ashamed or trapped. They want you to spread your wings and fly! To encourage this exuberance and carefree attitude, they’ve created a website using stunning imagery, bright colors and quirky illustrations to add a layer of nonchalance to the entire process. And the dynamic nature of the moving blocks of text, swirling illustrations and photo pop-ups adds a happy urgency that can’t be ignored.

This is a very elaborate website design made with the hope of opening minds and starting a dialogue about body positivity and acceptance. And it works.

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