CP+B Group Bold Website Design Homepage

Welcome to the CP+B Group, where energy and excitement ooze into everything this diverse advertising agency creates. With them in your court, your company is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Looking to make an impression on you, the CP+B Group goes above and beyond to create something out of the ordinary. As you come to their home page, your screen goes brown. Hidden deep within the color are slight variations, adding texture and depth. Etched into the center of your vision is “CP+B”. It’s a bold choice that instantly ignites your curiosity. You simply can’t walk away, you have to know more.

Blocks of imagery, text, and color become the key foundation to the CP+B Group’s home page. The varying sizes and alignment assure your interest remains high as it keeps the page fresh, tossing aside any idea of being mundane. The color schemes of the blocks range from white to pink to brown. It’s cool and contemporary, a combination that’s easy on the eyes.

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CP+B Group Best Web Design

Take a peek inside the mind of the masters. The CP+B Group offers an extensive and easily navigated About page that gives you an insight into the company and those who work there.

Varying backgrounds that slide together with clear borders build the length of the page. The contrasting colors and designs make it easy to distinguish one from another and thus transition from one idea to the next flawlessly.

Videos and images play a strong role, allowing you to first-hand experience life as a part of the CP+B Group. The visual media is the perfect way to bridge a connection between you and the company. It puts faces to the company and ultimately makes them more human rather than just a name on a page.

Pay attention to the kinds of fonts used on the page. Large and small, bold-faced or not, they’re pins on the roadmap to reading the CP+B Group’s About page. Whether it’s a simple copy selection or the title to an area, the fonts change regularly down the course of the page. It’s an effective tool, as the text is often the first thing we take in as viewers.

CP+B Group Top Website Design

Dazzled and frazzled. That’s the initial feeling the CP+B Group’s Portfolio gives off. Reducing all negative space to a whopping none, the portfolio page lines every inch of what you see with example images from previous and current projects. As a result, vivid color and exceptional photographs ensue! It’s very busy and may seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s a highly effective way to showcase what the company can do quickly and in a condensed locale.

The CP+B Group website design wows and stuns users through imaginative design and highly creative photographs. Users are sucked in at every turn as these key elements work strongly with one another in tandem to create a stunning website that users just can’t walk away from.

CP+B Group is a creative website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries. 

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