Tarun Tahiliani Web Design

Standout Features:

  • Black and gold combination
  • Elegant font styles
  • Creative style collection layout

Tarun Tahiliani’s website design created by PRP Design Consultants captures the brand’s authority in fashion, effectively presenting it to the digital landscape.

The color palette is dominated by a pitch-black background decorated with thin gold outlines, elegant typography, and high-fashion images.

The chosen font styles further elevate the sense of elegance and royal brand status in the fashion industry. Fonts used for the headlines resemble ancient Latin lettering, once again alluding to the brand’s prestige.

Another feature of this design is its creative presentation of the brand's Ready-to-Wear (RTW) and Couture collections. The screen is divided into two, each for the collection. At the center, slightly overlapping the two images representing RTW and Couture, is a solid menu block with CTA buttons redirecting visitors to explore other styles.

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