Move Matise Amsterdam Awesome Homepage

Matise is a web and digital design company like no other. They specialize in creating one-of-a-kind content that focuses on enforcing interactive user experiences. Their home page is an excellent indicator of this ability. The company recently moved their office location, and the introduction to their site plays off of this change. Users arrive at a colorfully vacant page, which is equipped with a clickable slider in the bottom right. Users can click the slider and pull it forward. As they do so, the page bends downward tensely, similar to the motion of a slingshot. Then when they release, the page shoots downward and oscillates quickly, simulating the release of the slingshot.

The page eventually comes to rest on an image of their new office, and the actual website begins. This mechanic is an excellent example of how designers can craft user experiences that unfold the narrative of information in a more dynamic, engaging way. Users are now primed with a sense of enthusiasm and interest in the extent of Matise’s ability as a company.

Move Matise Amsterdam Awesome Website Design

As a web design company themselves, Matise needed to create a site that expresses their creativity and skill. The initial interactive mechanic demonstrates their talent, and their landing page begins to assemble the company’s brand. After engaging with the site’s fun, introductory, slingshot tool, users arrive at this magnanimous home page, asserting Matise as a powerful, titanic company. The image depicts Matise’s new headquarters from a low, distorted angle. This emphasizes the scale and magnitude of the building and, thus, the company.

Move Matise Amsterdam Awesome Timeline Page

Matise’s timeline page is largely informal, but it serves an important function in establishing Matise’s brand of power and capacity. The series of colored panels describes some of the most prestigious moments in the company’s past year. This listing of accomplishments continues to create a UX of relative scale in the storied history of accomplishments on Matise’s record. This, combined with the dynamic, interactive mechanic on the home page and the powerful image on the landing page, creates a complete UX of overwhelming magnitude.

Move Matise Amsterdam is an awesome website design in the Technology and Professional Services industries.