Maison Carnot Minimal Website Design

The power of the human eye has been used throughout history to create architecture, customize fashion, and craft stunning interiors. In the Digital Era, that power is being taken a step beyond. Parisian communication and production company Maison Carnot is a collaborative agency crafting images, films, and campaigns to push visualization forward for 21st century companies.

Their own website design echoes the intensity of their passion for such power by using a minimalistic, clean, and yet elegant schematic to convey steady confidence. White becomes a commanding color when paired with striking photographs, stark contrasts of black text, and dark video backgrounds. A solid black pop-out menu of featured projects directs users to various works, including a full array of photos and videos of their remarkable projects. Large gray numbers appear faded in the white backgrounds to give a touch of depth, and sample images use drop shadows to provide a faint contrast.

Subtle movements, such as thick and dark text underlining, ensure that the site is engaging. It is consistently attracting the attention of users even beyond video materials. Gray numbers count up the loading percentage of each page. Users can view portfolio material by clicking into the site and scrolling down pages with easily accessible video content. Music builds with force and wonder when users hover over the videos, dynamically drawing users into the experience. So many interactive elements make for a positive and engaging user experience across the entire site.

What the site eliminates in text, it expresses through visual content that speaks for itself. Textures pop off the page in fullscreen photograph displays of products or projects, and the light backgrounds bring image colors boldly to the front. Whites differ in tone just slightly to provide nearly imperceptible border distinctions between the site page and featured photos. More is less, and the minimalism evolves to express a cool, elegant, and immersive experience sure to enrapture the eye.

Maison Carnot is a minimal website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.