Herman & Scheer Corporate Homepage

Herman & Scheer is a branding agency that focuses on endearing potential consumers to the integrity and value of a brand. The optimal design for their site would be one that effectively establishes them as a personal agency that focuses on cultivating consumers around the personality and value of a brand.

They begin their site by stating their mission to “Make brands make love,” which evokes the value of brand integrity and consumer endearment. Additionally, the navigation mechanic of this page continues to foreground the relationship between brand and user. The arrow at the bottom of the page reads “keep cruising,” and it sends users into a scrolling experience that focuses on their own autonomous navigation. This page effectively introduces the values of the company and initiates a UX that hinges on user empowerment.

Herman & Scheer Clean About Page

This “About” page design takes many solid steps in their desired brand direction. The text at the top of the page reads, “Allow us to introduce ourselves,” adding a sense of personality and autonomous identity to their brand. They're not introducing a company, they're introducing themselves. This presentation of humanity and personal investment speaks to the individual touch and mission of user endearment that Herman & Scheer pride themselves on. Additionally, there’s a variety of multifaceted tools that enhance the navigability of the site and the sense of attention to user need

Herman & Scheer Clean Contact Page

This contact page once again reinforces the personal angle of Herman & Scheer by providing a comprehensive contact interface that also humanizes the brand. Users aren't just filling out a form and sending their message into a faceless void. Instead, they've constructed a UI that reads more as an online chat window and adds a visible face to the destination of their message. This is an example of how a designer can appropriate other digital spaces to create something uncanny. By designing a chat window like this, the designer has personalized and humanized the experience and brand, which speaks to the values of the company.

Herman & Scheer is a corporate website design in the Advertising industry.