Luxury Marketing Council Elegant Homepage

The Luxury Marketing Council is a global community of CEOs and CMOs considered the leader in the field of luxury marketing, setting the “gold standard” for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace.

The goal of the overall design was to elevate their brand to the prestigious level of their luxury clients and give it a look and feel of modern luxury and a minimal design style that works well in responsive environments. The dark tones of the website fit well for the branding of the luxury industry and there is a good contrast between black, white, and gold. The minimal style is timeless and versatile and the dark aesthetic is consistent with their branding.

Luxury Marketing Council Elegant Website Design

The homepage is composed of five full-screen slides. Each slide refreshes the entire screen with new content; it can work with a click on the right navigation or simply scroll. Users can navigate up or down the page and go through the different slides starting with the main one that has the main messaging and a background with New York's iconic skyline that represents beauty and luxury and It is a human-made work of art. There are nice subtle animations when the user scrolls, like the moving circle (inspired by their logo).


Luxury Marketing Council Elegant About Page

In event details, the page starts with a header featuring the city where the event will take place with the name of the event, date, and location. On the bottom part of the header, website visitors can view quick links for the three most important sections on this page: gallery, event speakers, and event location. These quick links when clicked will make the page scroll and land on the specific section the user wants to view.

The gallery slideshow displays photos and videos of past events or photos of the hotel where the event will take place. The slideshow shows a cool motion effect when slides change.

The page shows good color contrast between sections and good usage of negative space. The information about the event is really easy for users to digest and well structured.

The speakers' grid features who will participate in the event. Users can simply click on one and see more info about the speaker, its history, or click on the brand the council represents and go directly to the brand's section. The speaker photo is in grayscale and becomes colorful on hover state, with a small zoom-out effect on the photo, giving it an interesting interaction.

On the bottom of the page, visitors can check the location of the event with a stylized grayscale Google maps incorporated and view directions and see the easiest way to get there.

Luxury Marketing Council Elegant Website Design

The Idea gallery page is a content library with various video and text resources with a full-width layout that will scale depending on user screen size. The idea behind the concept of this page is to allow users to get easy access to resources contents starting with a prominent search bar on the header and filter below to easily access the content.

The body of the page starts with six featured topics displayed in a grid and below, a section featuring three free resources that are available for all users and for last featured premium content displaying three resources that are not available for non-logged-in users to click.

Luxury Marketing Council is an elegant website design in the Luxury industry.