Afundi Website Design

Afundi's Website Design Converts Visitors to Clients Through a Compelling, On-Brand Homepage

The Afundi website design opens with a loud hero section featuring an all-black background and a compelling brand statement about its unique selling proposition: designing brands, websites, and software platforms.

From the get-go, the website's homepage offers a peek into Afundi's diverse skillset via powerful visuals and loud typography. As you scroll past the hero section, the design shows its vast experience through a fast-paced widescreen brand video.

From the homepage to the footer, all sections feel cohesive and are aligned in their aim to convert visitors to customers, piquing their interest in the result of potential collaborations with the brand.

Indeed, these elements show that the Afundi website design is one of our best web designs on DesignRush!

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Afundi Website Design Portfolio

Afundi's Website Design Displays the Agency's Creative Prowess Through a Dynamic Portfolio Showcase

The brand video on the homepage is one of many standout aspects of this website design. This dynamic portfolio showcase highlights some of the clients they've worked with. In addition, it gives browsers an overview of the agency, its goals, and some of its sample works.

The video summarizes the agency's services, including branding efforts, website design, and platform creation. The rest of the sections provide in-depth details of these services.

Aside from introducing Afundi, this also increases user engagement and entices them to browse the website.

Afundi Website Design Microinteractions

Afundi's Web Design Keeps Visitors Engaged by Utilizing Microinteractions

Although subtle, unique cursor effects and microinteractions provide a better user experience and entertain the browsers, unlocking playful possibilities. (Find more of the best interactive website designs.)

As soon as you land, you're met with loud typography in the hero section, with three bold, underlined words standing out. Hovering over these words launches two effects: on-hover snippets of the company's featured projects and a cursor transformation into a circular shape with a photo-negative effect.

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The homepage shows a list of projects with a small image preview on the side. As you scroll down, the preview becomes larger before shrinking to the left to make way for another project. You can also click on any image leading to a designated page for a more thorough project explanation.

The cursor also has a magnifying glass effect that helps users focus more efficiently on a highlighted area.

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Afundi Website Design Dark-Themed Layout

Afundi's Website Delivers a Cohesive Design Through a Dark-Themed Layout

The website design uses many elements and visuals to inject vibrancy and impact. Despite this kaleidoscope of features, the agency maintains cohesion through a dark layout, a common theme in some of the best web design companies.

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The background is the unifying thread, weaving through every page with its rich, velvety allure. It embraces the content, providing a dramatic backdrop and letting all visuals shine.

Although the design's base revolves around the white or gray typography set against a dark background, the full-colored visuals and an intriguing cursor effect bring vibrancy to the design.

Overall, Afundi's website showcases diverse skills with bold visuals, dynamic typography, and playful microinteractions. Its classic yet effective dark-themed layout makes it a natural winner of our Best Design Awards!

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