Orange Sprocket Engaging Homepage

Fall into something fantastic as you enter the world of Orange Sprocket. With a focus on the highly creative, their dazzling website design will delight you at all corners.

A stunning display of photographs and video clips quickly gives you an inkling of the talents behind the company. Bright imagery gives life to the page as everything you need appears right up front. The vertical slider is packed full of impressive depictions to show you how the company works, while quick access to various parts of the company’s site is lined along the right side of the page in a borderless grid of muted photographs. You’re given a clear idea of the areas of the site that will be most valuable to you as you determine where you want to start your exploration.

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Orange Sprocket Engaging Portfolio

Having such a wide range of prominent clients means Orange Sprocket’s portfolio is ready to speak volumes all by itself.

Meander through their large gallery. The page is broken down into a seamless grid of photographs and illustrations. An effect is created with the white logos and names of each company darkening the image. The simple effect makes each big name stand out on the page, drawing you in as you find yourself recognizing one after another.

Bring the color back by moving your mouse over any one of the boxes! The box will light up and you’ll find yourself prompted to explore the concept more in-depth.


Social media is everything these days. From Facebook to Instagram, everyone is always on something. Orange Sprocket is no stranger to that, as they maintain a quirky Instagram platform.

Get yourself to their “Culture” page to learn about the events taking place within the company and stay up-to-date with them. The page is filled with simple photographs of anything they find interesting as they share their lives with you. The images are lined up side by side, maximizing the page’s space. Captions become available in white over the image as you let your mouse wander across the page, giving you the option to interact however you want with their social media wall.

Orange Sprocket prides themselves in the way they approach projects with a high sense of creativity. The use of vivid imagery and video displays to show users the kind of visuals they can expect if they work with Orange Sprocket.

Orange Sprocket is featured in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology categories of the Best Website Designs section.

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