Sesame Street Homepage Website Design

Sesame Street’s Digital Destination Give Kids A Fun And Exciting Platform To Engage With

Everyone knows Sesame Street — the lovable kids' program that promotes education, diversity and fun. You probably grew up with these characters much like your kids do today. Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie — these were the role models of our childhood. They were the funny and fantastic friends that taught us life lessons like how to count, how to tie our shoes and how to comfort friends when they’re sad.

This PBS staple has been playing on TV screens since 1969 and continues to touch our hearts and minds. These puppets have become a part of our childhood — a part of our lives as a whole. They’ve been there through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Kids today are lucky to be blessed with these talkative puppets, and the program has grown so much that kids can interact with these characters in a variety of ways — more so than ever before.

Now, this educational program has apps, video games and movies. Its digital footprint is massive, and it has fully integrated its mission and purpose across all platforms — from cell phones to tablets and beyond.

It’s no surprise then that Sesame Street has created one of the most interactive and exciting websites we’ve come across. This colorful online platform is engaging, educational and visually-driven.

But more importantly, it puts kids first.

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Sesame Street Video Website Design

Sesame Street’s Vibrant Website Wows With Bright Colors And Interactive Movement

Sesame Street’s website embodies the brand and its identity with bright colors that litter the website. From background colors to CTA buttons, this site is bursting with vibrant and engaging colors that capture your attention and fill you with joy.

A bright, yellow background makes up the homepage, and additional landing pages have a matching brightness and vibrancy that’s made up of colors like pink, orange and blue. These backgrounds also have a pattern within them — geometric and curly semi-transparent shapes that add a childlike silliness that again matches with its television presence.

But it’s not just the backgrounds that pop. The colorful animations and characters also jump from the screen. These fun and exciting illustrations reunite us with the characters we all know and love.

Movement also plays an integral role in this website design. Rollover motion is enchanting and enthusiastic. Scrolling over these blocks and images causes them to move and shake and bounce — a very cheerful and elegant display of interactivity that creates a wonder and curiosity.

Sesame Street Games Landing Page Website Design

Sesame Street’s Site Design Is Seamless And Simple For Kids To Use

This website design very clearly was created with kids in mind. It’s a website that doesn’t just inform users about the show and its production, but actually serves as a destination for kids to play, watch and learn.

The website opens with few, very specific and laid out options for users to choose. They can play a game, watch a video or make some art. The calls to action are direct and simple. They are bold and apparent. And the limited options make it easier for kids to decide what they want to do.

Once they decide, they are taken to a page made up of numerous blocks that are easily clickable and include exciting animations. Another click lands them on their destination — whether they’re there to play a game, watch an informative video or create their very own masterpiece.

Navigation is simple and efficient. There is so confusion or anxiety. But it lets children get lost in an adventure of education and delight.

Sesame Street Art Landing Page Website Design

The Sesame Street Website Uses Color, Animation And Motion To Create A Space Where Kids Can Play Online

Sesame Street knows its audience — young kids. And they know how to create content and an online platform that caters to them and their parents. It’s fun. It’s engaging. It’s interactive. But it’s equally simple and sophisticated.

The website design plays with colors in a vivid and dynamic way. Backgrounds range from orange to blue and yellow. It’s bright and fun and silly. Unique and quirky designs play across the pages as well reinforcing the Sesame Street brand and identity.

This dynamic and interactive website design uses stunning visuals and clear actionary buttons to help children navigate from games to videos and more with ease. And the brand keeps the content light and fun — while still educational and informative.

It’s hard not to become immensely invested in this website design — whether you’re five years old or 45. It’s nostalgic and fun with a navigation that is breathtaking in its simplicity.

Learning the alphabet never felt so cool — your children will get lost in this website, and you’ll feel good about it.

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