Socio Design Elegant Homepage

Socio Design is a branding company with a drive for passion, details, and strategic craftsmanship. The company takes a contrasting approach to how to create branding, packaging, and more for their clients by relying on a mix of exploratory research and instinct. The results? A fantastically impressive portfolio that’s bound to wow any potential client.

The moment users open Socio Design’s website, they’re introduced to a slider that presents crisp and clear branding images. A variety of work from elegant and clean to scientific and bold are displayed, as well as color combinations from soft to vibrant. The images speak for themselves and as a result, Socio Design tosses out the use of colors and creative designs as their backgrounds in exchange for plain white with gray and black accents.

Through a menu at the top of the page, users can easily navigate across the website. From this same menu, they can subscribe to receive emails and updates from Socio Design about what they’re working on and the new brands they’ve created. This opportunity to interact with the company improves the overall UX.

Socio Design Elegant Website Design

Inside the “Projects” section of the company’s website, users can explore a number of the companies that Socio Design has created projects for. The options are endless.

When users reach a portfolio page, Socio Design offers up large textual content blurbs about the details of the project. Users can learn why Socio Design was hired, what the project stipulations were, and what approach Socio Design used to make the project. As soon as they’re done, they can slide down the page and find a number of fantastic product photos from the project.

With all that Socio Design is able to do for their clients, they still go above and beyond to show off the best of the work they can create. From the bottom of every page, users can access the company’s social media sites, which publicly depict their wonderful work samples.

Socio Design’s website design mimics their own creative, no-nonsense approach to branding. The simple background, presentation of high-resolution product images, and easy navigation across the site makes for a UI that’s inviting and inspiring for every user.

Socio Design is an elegant website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.