Linea Light Group Elegant Homepage

Linea Light Group combines the study of the best lighting solutions with the technological concepts of technology, sustainability, quality, and efficiency, making it a network of companies that truly endorse professionality and expertise. Linea Light Group has become an international reference model for the lighting world through the years, as is one of the first businesses in Europe to specialize in LED technology.

The homepage screams elegance, functionality, and technology. They make great use of black and white, so that the relation between light and dark is strong. 

It's interesting how they present the products without showing them as a simple catalogue, giving visitors an engaging user experience.

Pictures and videos are brilliantly used, and easily catch the user’s attention, who normally look for the products’ design and their technical information.

The simple layout and the great imagery give a truly wonderful impression to users. The website looks good on every possible screen size, keeping the design consistent and high-quality.

Linea Light Group Elegant Website Design

The case history detail page details their previous work very well. It has a strong visual impact, especially with the beautiful shots and videos, and the technical analysis of the chosen lightning solutions.

Linea Light Group Elegant Blog Page

The blog of this website is a lively editorial project, organized by date in a grid. The search and corresponding filters is interesting -- selected content is illuminated while the other options fade away. In addition, a very cool hover effect over the article makes the entire box bigger and highlighed.

Linea Light Group is a top website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.