Newton Great Homepage

Newton is an email service that focuses on utility and a host of powerful tools that market their product. Newton has constructed a site that uses a cosmic aesthetic to articulate its ideals and goals.

Their “About” page features an image of a lunar cycle, wherein the moon develops through each phase with the passing of time. The powerful illustration conveys the passing of time, while maintaining the space aesthetic that’s present across the rest of the site. Interestingly, the image of the moon is contextualized by a body of text that focuses on Newton’s “send later” feature, which explains the visual expression of the passing of time.

The game of the entire site is largely focused on using expressive space-themed illustrations to evoke the ideas of the adjoining text blurb. The space theme conveys Newton’s desired brand image of creativity, imagination, and possibility, while also giving the site an aesthetic unity and visual interest. Newton has constructed a rich and immersive UI which informs an equally definitive user experience.

Newton’s entire site functions as one extended scroll through the various features that make Newton special. The home page, which focuses on the supercharged performance of Newton’s “space age” features, continues the same aesthetic utilized across the site. Here, we see a turbo-boosted paper airplane soaring off into space. The paper is meant to represent an emails flying through the stratosphere and into a universe of possibility. By continually coming back to the same visual metaphor, Newton achieves their intended brand initiative, while also creating an undeniable and informative user experience.

Newton Great Website Design

Finally, the gateway to Newton's blog once again uses the same visual metaphor as always, while also naturally concluding the experience. It is the final page users scroll to, and it seamlessly navigates them to an entirely new, branded experience. The designer has edited the narrative of the site to conclude by retaining users within Newton’s web network. This is an excellent example of how talented designers extend the reach of an experience beyond even the confines of their client’s site.

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